Budget Blinds talks Dollars and Sense

"How much do blinds cost?" or "We have no idea how much blinds are- can you just give us a rough estimate?" are two of the most common questions we encounter when meeting with new clients. After replacing old windows, at the end of a renovation, or when moving into a new home- the idea of investing into new window coverings can have you seeing dollar signs.

Our goal at Budget Blinds is to help our clients select a window covering that functions perfectly, is aesthetically pleasing, and fits within their budget. We often hear, "Budget Blinds means you are the cheapest right?" following by a sly grin. The name Budget Blinds means we believe we have a blind for EVERY budget. We have the luxury of selecting and sampling products from fourteen reputable manufacturers- all with different product and pricing options- while never compromising on quality or warranty. After that explanation we are happy to add, "plus the name Expensive Blinds probably wouldn't get the phones ringing," followed by an equally sly grin.


Whether you are looking for something simple, modern, and economical or elegant, chic, and high-end our Style Consultants are happy to help! Many factors determine the price of window coverings including the number of windows to be covered, sizing of the windows, product selected and even colour choice.

New Home Experts suggest a budget of 10% of your home cost as reasonable to expect to pay for window coverings. When in the planning stages of your new home, talk to your mortgage broker about building an allowance into the final cost of your mortgage. Many clients have found this helpful to ensure they are financially prepared to complete the window coverings when taking possession of their new home. We also recommend consulting your builder directly as many builders have partnered with Budget Blinds to offer exclusive discount options, guaranteed installation for possession or include a window covering package in their plan upgrades.


So how do different styles of window coverings compare in price? We selected our Top 5 most sought-after products to show you the differences in product and pricing options! Prices shown below are based on a 30x60 window opening.

2" Faux Wood Blinds - $132

Faux Wood blinds are a modern and economical way to cover any window. Made of durable, moisture resistant, PVC slats, these blinds can be a whole-home solution.

Cellular Blinds- $171

Cellular Blinds or Honeycomb Shades were made to insulate! Hot and cold air get trapped in the pockets or honeycombs of these shades to provide an additional layer of insulation for your home. Cellulars come with many upgrade options including blackout, cordless, and the top-down feature.

Roller Blinds- $172

Roller Blinds offer a contemporary, sleek finish to any window. Available in a variety of colours, prints, and patterns rollers can highlight or compliment any home decor.

Transitional Shades- $246

Experience the light control of a horizontal blind with the ease of cleaning like a roller blind. Transitional shades are a bold, modern statement blind often used on large windows.

Sheer Shadings- $449

Sophisticated, Fashionable, and Stylish are all words that come to mind to describe this upscale window covering. Use Sheer Shadings on any window to soften the view and add a touch of elegance to any room.

**All prices based on Group1. Upgrade options such as cordless/topdown not included. No additional coupons/discounts to be applied to above pricing. Pricing for budgeting purposes only. Prices subject to change.**