Automated Top-Down-Bottom-Up Cellular Shades

One of the most popular top-down-bottom-up shade styles is the Cellular shade – often referred to as a Honeycomb shade. And we could not be more excited to announce this feature can now be automated! That's right- light control and privacy all with the click of a button! Cellular shades are especially good for insulation – helping to keep the cold air out in the winter months and the warm air out in the summer months! Unlike window blinds, which are typically made of hard plastic or aluminum materials, Cellular Shades are made of cloth-like material. The most common materials include spun lace and bonded polyester – making these shades soft to the touch and super durable! As is the way of the future, these shades can be automated. A battery powered or low voltage powered motor is inserted into the head-rail of the shade allowing it to be operated from as far as 65 feet away! The battery wand in a motorized window covering typically stays charged for up to 2 years when the blind is used for two cycles per day. Not a fan of changing batteries? No problem! The cellular shades can be hardwired using low voltage wiring- making them ultra quiet! 2019 saw the addition of the ability to operate the top-down feature with the touch of a button! Control the lighting in your living room while sitting on the couch! Wake up to the sunrise with an automated timer. Beat the heat by lowering your shades while away from your home on a hot summers day! The possibilities are endless and the convenience is paramount!