A Passion for Window Fashion

**Article originally featured in FineLifestyles Regina by Tobie Hainstock / Photos by Calvin Fehr**


"I just can't help myself! I'm a nerd when it comes to window fashion and I admit it!" says Leanne Fisher, owner of Budget Blinds. Since opening the Regina franchise eight years ago, Fisher has noticed her once strong interest in window treatments has grown into a full fledged passion. She finds herself out with friends and colleagues and striking up conversations about the window treatments in a restaurant or home they see from a distance. "It's really kind of funny when you think of it! I mean, how many people can carry on lengthy discussions about blinds? But I can because I deal with it every day and I love it so much!" she adds.

People may smile about it, but Fisher's passion for what she does is what makes her truly stand out in her field. Taking the extra time and going the extra mile for clients is not an exception for Fisher - its her rule of thumb. "I want Budget Blinds to be known as the business that genuinely cares," she comments. "We are in our customers' homes and we really get to know them on a personal level. We want them to know how important it is to us that they are completely happy with everything."

Fisher loves many things about the Budget Blinds franchise. This includes working with home stagers, Realtors, and home builders to help them build and develop their business as well as her own. Being part of a creative industry such as home design and decor is rewarding for Fisher and she thrives when interacting with fellow professionals.

As a successful business owner, Fisher offers women entrepreneurs the same advice she does men. In the business world, men and women need the same attributes to be successful. Whats her advice? "Surround yourself with the right people. Ask for advice, hire professionals and have someone you are accountable to. A good example of such a person is a business coach."

Fisher is the first to boast about the strong team surrounding her every day. "I have a team of 13 amazing people and I appreciate everything they do. I know that my success stems from their energy and expertise."

Not only is Fisher a capable business person, she's also very family oriented. As a single mom of three beautiful young ladies, she is ultra-conscious of the need to maintain a well-balanced lifestyle. "I can't tell you how important being a positive role model is to me. Setting a good example for the three small women who live with me is what makes everything worth it," she comments.

In the end, for Fisher, it's loving her work and keeping an important work/family balance that creates the quality of life she is grateful for.