Tacoma Venetian Blinds vs. Persian Blinds: What Are the Differences?

You’ve likely heard of Venetian blinds in Tacoma. They are the most popular slat blinds for offices, homes, and more. However, Persian blinds are another consideration for some. Before you pick any type of blind for your home, you’ll want to do your research. In this case, you’ll want to know the differences between Venetian and Persian blinds for your windows.

Mostly the Same with Different Names

For the most part, Tacoma Venetian blinds and Persian blinds are pretty much the same. They both offer many of the same benefits, especially when it comes to light control and heating benefits. You can also get both different materials, whether you want faux wood, wood, metal, or vinyl. It’s the materials that offer the different benefits.

It’s because of the similarities that you’ll likely not even know if you’ve got Venetian or Persian options in your home already, especially if you’ve bought from a seller with all the fittings. There’s no need to worry about switching either, considering they offer the same benefits.

Persian Blinds Can Be Vertical

The biggest difference is in the way the blinds sit. Venetian blinds in Tacoma will always be horizontal slats. They’re perfect for all types of traditional-opening windows and are extremely popular for French windows and doors. You’ll also usually find Venetian blinds in the mini form, which makes them popular options for office spaces and longer windows.

Persian blinds, on the other hand, can also come in vertical form. If you have sliding doors and windows, Persian blinds are the ones that you’ll want to look out for the most. Vinyl or faux wood options are, by far, the most durable option, especially if you have the larger sliding windows that see a lot of sunlight. Vertical blinds aren’t the best for traditional-opening windows since it’s harder to get past them to open the windows. Horizontal blinds get in the way of rolling sliding windows back and forth.

Difference in the Rotation

The main difference in the slat blinds is the way they turn to direct the light. Persian blinds will turn a full 170 degrees, which can offer a number of benefits for your lighting control. You’ll see some people choose to close them so the overlap sits on the top instead of the bottom. Venetian blinds don’t usually turn upwards all the way to close.

However, the two types of blinds have started to cross over into each others’ territory in recent years. Persian blinds also aren’t as popular anymore, so you’ll mostly find the Venetian type on the market.

Before you start hanging blinds in your home, look at the different types available. You’ll want to consider the window you have and the benefits you want to gain. While there are many similarities between Tacoma Venetian blinds and Persian blinds, there are also some major differences that can affect their suitability for your home. Which one is perfect for your needs?

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