How to Choose the Types of Draperies in Tacoma for Your Room

Now that you know you want draperies in Tacoma for your home, you’ll need to start making a decision on the type. This is more than just picking a color that works for the room’s décor. There are patterns, styles, sizes, and materials you’ll want to consider. Here are XX steps to choose the type of drapes for your room.

Decide on the Amount of Light

Some rooms will benefit from blackout draperies in Tacoma. Others will need room darkening treatments or will benefit from allowing light through and reducing the glare. This is something you need to consider before you start buying.

Think about the use of the room. A bedroom will need darkening or a blackout effect, while a living room or conservatory may just need to get rid of the glare. Once you know the use and needs, you’ll be able to decide on the amount of light you still want to come through when the drapes are closed.

Think About the Material

Another consideration that you need to make right away is the material. This will depend on the heat benefits you want to gain, as well as the look that you want to gain from the room. Thermal draperies in Tacoma can be popular, but they’re not necessary if you don’t want them! Thermal drapes tend to offer a blackout effect, as well as good heating benefits.

If you have a contemporary space or you want a lot of light, you’ll want to consider lightweight materials. Look out for linen and cotton drapes. They still come in a range of colors and styles, but the material is lighter to bring that sense of modernity to the room.

When you want a rustic appeal, you can look for natural materials. Meanwhile, you can choose velvet and other heavy materials if you want a period décor to bring out the time period of the room or home. Heavy materials are also good if you want a formal look to the room.

Know the Size You Want

How long do you want your draperies in Tacoma to sit? Traditional drapes will sit all the way to the floor. Some may sit just above if you have central heating along the bottom that you don’t want to completely cover.

However, there is a move to offering drapes that sit about halfway between the bottom of the windows and the floor. This offers a slightly more modern look to the drapes, offering something in between drapes and curtains.

If you decide to have floor length drapes, you’ll then need to decide on how much you want to touch the floor. You can get those that just brush the floor. This can make them easier to open and close. Alternatively, you can get a set that pool on the floor, creating a more formal look.

The exact type of draperies in Tacoma you get will depend on what you want to gain from the window treatments. What look do you want in your home? Choose that before going shopping for your window coverings.