How Solar Shades in Puyallup Can Make Your Guest Room Inviting

If you have a guest room, you want to make it as inviting and comfortable as possible. At the same time, it needs to be practical and offer privacy for your guests. This is where Puyallup solar shades can be highly beneficial. Here’s a look at how they make the guest room one of the best rooms in the whole home for all.

You Can Keep It Light and Natural

One of the benefits of solar shades is allowance of natural light. Most window treatments will block out all light. Those that don’t tend to be the most expensive options; like plantation or café shutters. Solar shades have a slightly transparent nature, allowing you to block out the glare of the light but still allow some of the daylight through the room.

You also block out most of the heat. The solar shades in Puyallup are designed to block the UV rays; the harmful ones from the home. Your guests will feel comfortable and not have to spend time with the light on during the day. They get a fresh and bright feeling, setting them up for a good start to the day.

There’s Privacy from All

If the placement of the guest room doesn’t naturally allow privacy, the solar shades will. While they are slightly transparent, they still block the view from the outside relatively well. Think of them like a net curtain. Your guests can still see out of the room easily, but there’s enough material in the way with the glass to stop others looking in.

Your guests will feel more at ease when they’re in the room. There’s no need for them to feel apprehensive throughout the day, knowing they can just quickly pull the shade down for any privacy they need.

Work with All Décors

Solar shades in Puyallup come in many colors, designs and fabrics. They easily work with different décor needs and match various elements. If you want a neutral look that just focuses on all the light benefits then you can get that. If you want to work with specific ornaments and color schemes, there is that option too.

Some shades are also custom made. You can add a beautiful piece of art to the shades. Think about a mountain top or a beach. Your guests will instantly feel like they’re on holiday and love every aspect of their time with you.

Affordable for All Guest Rooms

Puyallup solar shades are among the cheapest options for guest rooms. After all, you don’t want to break the bank to kit out this room that doesn’t always get used. Yet, you don’t look like you’ve opted for cheap options. Even those that aren’t custom made will look beautiful and match décor, offering all the inviting benefits above.

It’s time to think about your window treatments for the guest room. Consider solar shades in Puyallup to make your guest room as inviting as possible.