Can You Pair Curtains in South Hill with Plantation Shutters

You already have plantation shutters in your home. While you love them, you want to add texture to the windows. Curtains in South Hill offer the quickest and easiest way, but can you pair the two types of window coverings together?

Certainly! The two work together extremely well. Here’s how to pair them effectively.

Avoid the Sliding Doors

If you use plantation shutters over your sliding patio doors, keep them plain. Avoid adding another layer of covering. The shutters offer the privacy the doors need and that’s their main use. Any more layers and you make it much harder to get out of the house.

On top of that, the curtains in South Hill will take away from the beauty of the shutters. You want the plantation shutters to be the main focus of the room.

The only time asymmetrical panels work well is when you have windows either side of a piece of furniture. Your curtain panels become bookends.

Use Panel Curtains

Rather than asymmetrical curtains, you want to make sure your curtains are in two panels. They sit either side of the window, dressing it fully. You’re also dressing the plantation shutters.

You can then choose to leave your panels hanging loosely or you can tie them up. Both have their pros and cons. This is more of a style choice, although tying back will give a more formal appearance.

Make Sure the Curtains in South Hill Are the Right Length

When measuring for the curtains, they need to hang properly. Think as if you’re hanging curtains for your windows without the plantation shutters.

Measure so they reach the floor. When texturing with plantation shutters, curtains look best when all the way to the floor with extra material. They pool along the bottom, pleating on the way up. However, they can also work just off the floor if you have central heating or need to keep them off the floor.

Think about where you hang from, too. Curtains with shutters work the best when the rod is all the way to the top of the ceiling. You’ll help to utilize all the space and make the windows look larger than they really are, bringing in the essence of more light.

You Can Still Consider Valances

Sometimes, a window doesn’t look fully dressed without valances. They run along the top of the window, adding another layer to your plantation shutters and your curtains in South Hill. Make sure the valances match the curtains rather than the shutters, so it looks like a seamless piece of material from top to bottom.

Valances can work extremely well with plantation shutters. You get the 19th century style with your window treatments.

If you want to go for a more modern or contemporary feel, avoid the valances completely. Keep your curtains simple and light, opting for an airy look.

Pairing curtains in South Hill with plantation shutters is a popular option for many homes. You can do it, but keep the above tips in mind to make sure both work well together.