Can Roman Blinds in Puyallup Help to Reduce Noise?

It’s not possible to cut out all noise with any type of window covering. However, some are better than others are reducing noise. You can help to cut out the noise of traffic from outside, while also reducing the noise that spreads from your home to the outside. The question is whether Puyallup roman blinds are good for noise reduction.

Roman blinds aren’t the best option for noise reduction. While they can help to muffle sounds, there are far better options available. Here’s a look at the types of blinds you’ll want to get instead of Puyallup roman blinds.

Opt for Honeycomb Shades

Cellular shades, also known as honeycomb shades, may not quite be blinds, but they are one of the best options for reducing the noise coming into your home. The shades also offer the benefit of better insulation, helping to reduce the amount you spend on heating and cooling your home. You’ll want to look into the shades that run on a track inside your window frame. While they cost a little more than other honeycomb shades, they are worth the extra cost and you’ll gain the money back over time.

Cell shades are made with at least two layers of material. Some will have thicker material. While fabric, the thickness helps to reduce the amount of sound waves that pass in and out of your home. It’s much easier to block the sound on a night.

Try Venetian Blinds

Faux wood venetian blinds are certainly worth considering for the noise benefits. It’s the material that helps, but also the way that the material crosses over. Faux wood is also durable and will last for at least a decade in your home, while offering heating and cooling benefits.

The sound waves don’t pass through the material easily. The downside is the blinds don’t sit in a running. There are some gaps around the outside edges. You’ll want to consider blinds that sit on the outside of your window frame and overhang both sides. This helps to create a snugger fit to stop the sound waves traveling.

Vertical Blinds Are Also Good

You can also opt for vertical blinds in Puyallup. These are very similar to venetian blinds in the way that faux wood of vinyl options are the best. You’ll want these for your sliding windows, whereas the venetian blinds are good for more conventional options.

It’s the way the material sits when the blinds are closed that offers the sound benefits. However, if you have the window open when you sleep, you won’t get the benefits as the blinds will likely blow in the breeze.

Consider all your options for noise reduction in and out of your home. Puyallup roman blinds aren’t the best for reducing the noise in and out of your home. The other three are much better, although they’re perfect. Then again, no window treatment completely blocks all sound.