Aluminum Blinds vs. Wooden Blinds in Tacoma: Which Is the Best Option for Your Home?

With so many different types of blinds available, it’s easy to get stuck between choices. Venetian blinds tend to be a go-to option and work for every room in the home, but then you realize you still have a choice to make. What material do you get? Aluminum, faux wood, or real wooden blinds?

Choosing between aluminum and a type of wood is common. You want to look at the pros and cons of the types of material to find something that works for your budget, your room, and your preferences.

Aluminum Can Offer Different Styles

You can get more choice with aluminum blinds without having to order custom. Whether you want a glossy or matt finish, there’s bright colors, flat finishes, and plain metal looks. There is something for all décor needs, despite the initial beliefs that metal blinds look cheap. Unless people get up close and personal, there’s no need for them to realize you have a metal blind.

Real wooden blinds in Tacoma don’t offer as much choice. You’ll usually only get stained wood to preserve the natural look. While there are some painted finishes, they don’t look as clean and bright as metal options.

If you opt for faux wood, then you do get to choose the different colors and styles. It’s easier to get something without paying a fortune.

Aluminum and Faux Wood Are Better for Humidity

What rooms are you placing your blinds? This will affect the best type of material for the blinds. Metal and faux wooden blinds in Tacoma tend to work best for humid and warm rooms. Real wood warps in the heat and can soak in the moisture. Even with a varnish finish, it can soak in the water. This makes them undesirable for bathrooms and some kitchens.

Metal and faux wood will withstand the humid air and the heat. They don’t warp and they won’t rust. Even aluminum won’t rust, meaning you get to keep that beautiful finish. All you’ll need to do is keep the blinds clean regularly.

Aluminum Tends to Be the Cheapest

Out of all the options available, aluminum tends to be the cheapest material for your blinds. However, you don’t get the natural look. When you want to save money and still get the real look, faux wood is the way to go. The vinyl used is cheap. Some will come with a real wood core, taking the price up a little but not too much.

When budget isn’t a problem, wooden blinds in Tacoma are certainly worth considering. For the downsides compared to aluminum and faux wood, they still look amazing. They are natural options that decompose in the ground. While the other two will create a landfill problem, real wood is good for the long-term benefits to the environment.

Which type of blind will you get for your home? Real wooden blinds in Tacoma look absolutely beautiful but aren’t for everyone. Metal has come a long way, especially if you opt for aluminum blinds.