5 Window Treatments in Tacoma for a Contemporary Style

When it comes to moving home or redecorating, new Tacoma window treatments will be in order. You want something that keeps your home contemporary and fresh, possibly even going for a minimalist feel. You also want practical, low-maintenance, and financially beneficial options. Here are five window treatments you need to consider.

1. Adding Tinted Windows

Instead of looking at different blinds and curtains, start by looking into getting tinted windows installed. This could especially be beneficial in the conservatory or a dining room. They’re also good if you have large windows or awkward shaped windows. Tints allow to reduce the glare and heat build up, without getting rid of all the lights. You’ll still likely need other curtains and blinds for the evening, but you will find tints are good for the summery days.

2. Try Matchstick Blinds

When you want something for the conservatory or dining room that blocks out some of the glare but still allows in the light, you’ll want to consider matchstick blinds. They don’t offer the heating benefits of other window treatments in Tacoma, but they are good for style and some privacy. They’re also organic and natural materials, protecting the environment in the long run.

3. Work with Sheer Drapes

One option for guest bedrooms and living rooms, you’ll want to think about adding sheer drapes or curtains. These can also be doubled up with normal curtains and drapes for more lighting and heating benefits. Sheer drapes allow some light in without the glare, while also offering complete privacy from the outside. They don’t offer heating benefits, but they look minimalistic and contemporary in any home.

4. Opt for Botanical Blinds

How about botanical roman shades for the bathroom? These can also look good in shower rooms, kitchens, and living rooms. The styles will help to bring the look of the outside into your home. They are especially good for rooms with moisture and heat, especially if you get plants and flowers that tend to grow in high humidity areas. Many of the blinds are lightweight and just darken the room, helping to keep a summery and minimalistic feel throughout the year.

5. Stick with Valances

Don’t really fancy a full curtain or shade in your home? Looking for something that will hide the stack from your roman blinds or the roll from your roller shades? It’s time to consider valances for your window treatments in Tacoma. They come in a variety of colors and styles, bringing a sense of the season directly into your home. Because they only run across the top, you also keep the view out of the whole window.

Work with a contemporary style for your Tacoma window treatments. The above five options are often overlooked, but they look beautiful in minimalist rooms and are extremely easy to work for all rooms in the home. You’ll also bring your own style with colors, types, and secondary complimentary window treatments. Which one will you try first?