5 Top Trends for Blinds in Waller in 2018

Every year, new trends come out for all types of décor and style needs. Waller blinds are no exception. More families are looking at adding better window treatments for their homes. They want to be more cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and safe for their children. Here are the top five trends in 2018 for blinds.

Using Organic and Natural Materials

Gone are the days where “eco-friendly” only applies to the benefits within the home. Remember when it was all about the money you’d spend on your bills? Now it’s all about the type of material you get and whether it’s good for the environment. More people are looking for natural and organic materials for their blinds, shades, and window treatments. They want to ditch the PVC and add more real wood, bamboo, and more. Plus, natural means neutral, making it easier to work with multiple room decors with the same item.

Opting for High-Tech Options

Another growing popularity is the use of technology in the home. People want “smart” homes, which means they can control as much as possible through their phone or tablet. Smart lights and locks are just the start. Now people want smart blinds in Waller. This is where the high-tech trends come in. More and more people are looking at wireless, motorized blinds. They certainly offer a range of benefits, so it’s not surprising people are saving up.

Cordless Features for Children

More manufacturers are creating cordless Waller blinds. This is in response to the need from parents. They want to ditch the dangerous features and make their home baby- and child-proof. There are just too many horror stories of children getting tangled up in the blinds. Some manufacturers refuse to make corded ones now, especially when it comes to blinds specifically designed for kids’ rooms. This helps to keep the costs down and makes your choices much easier.

Patterns and Elements of Color

While you may want a neutral look for most rooms in the home, there are others where you want to add a little style and personality. One of the top trends for Waller blinds is to get patterns and elements of color. Just small subtleties will bring out a personality quickly. You don’t need a lot of loud and bold colors. Something like vine work in a bright orange or an oceanic blue is enough. The colors will also help to set the mood for the room.

Matching Colors for Curb Appeal

When someone looks into your home from the outside, what are they going to see? Do you have the “skittle window” effect, where all your blinds in Waller are different colors? One of the biggest trends is creating a uniform look from the outside. This can be through the use of linen, sheer curtains or custom blinds that have the same color on the outside.

Are you interested in following any of the top five trends for Waller blinds in 2018? Consider each one to see if they’ll work for your décor and window covering needs.