How Can Shutters in Bremerton Help on a Hot Day?

With heat waves becoming a problem in the summer, you’re likely looking for all ways to keep cool. The last thing you want is for your energy bills to increase to use your air conditioning all the time. Bremerton shutters could help you in the long term, even though they’ll cost more upfront. Here’s how they will help.

The Shutters Block the UV Rays

One of the biggest benefits of shutters is that they block the rays coming into your home. Whether you have interior or exterior shutters in Bremerton, you’ll be able to stop the rays getting into the rooms, since the material of the shutters blocks them. This doesn’t mean blocking out all light, either. Some types of shutters allow a little light in without the glare and rays causing an issue.

Of course, barn shutters are by far the best option to block out all rays. You’ll let nothing into the room, keeping the temperatures more consistent. However, plantation shutters allow some light in and will keep the temperatures more consistent than not having any shutters at all.

Blocking the rays will also protect the furniture and paintwork in your home. Sun damage is a major problem.

They Reflect the Rays

Not only do the shutters stop the rays coming into the home, they will also reflect them. This will depend on the color and type of shutters you get. Lighter shutters are more beneficial for reflecting the rays.

While dark Bremerton shutters will still block the UV rays coming into the home, reflecting will help to keep the temperatures more consistent. Darker shutters will absorb the rays, which will slowly lead to the temperatures increasing. They also help to keep the room warmer during the night, but even then temperatures can be high due to humidity and daytime levels.

Reflecting the rays is far more beneficial in the summer. You’ll keep the costs of your air conditioning use to a minimum.

UV Rays Won’t Damage the Shutters

Another reason to get lighter shutters is to minimize the damage from the UV rays. However, with the right material for your shutters in Bremerton, you’ll also be able to minimize the damage. This will help to ensure your shutters last for decades in your home, making them worth the money. You can use your shutters throughout the summer without worrying about warping and degrading.

Faux wood or vinyl shutters are worth the consideration. While faux wood costs the most, it’s money well spent. The shutters look like real wood, but don’t warp with the heat and UV damage. The shutters are also easier to maintain and won’t suffer with humidity levels, so you can use them in every single room in the house.

You’ll find that Bremerton shutters are, by far, the most beneficial window treatments for your home. They are especially beneficially in the middle of the summer, when your air conditioning use increases. The shutters will block and reflect the UV rays, keeping the heat to more consistent levels within the home and reducing the UV damage within each room.