Faux vs. Real Wooden Shutters in Bremerton: How to Choose Between Them

When it comes to new window treatments, you’ve decided on shutters. Whether interior or exterior, you know that these window coverings are going to be the best option for your home. Now you need to consider the material. You will usually find you have the choice out of two: faux wood or real wooden shutters in Bremerton.

Which type of material is going to be the best? There are a few factors to consider to help you choose between them.

The Initial Cost of Your Window Coverings

The initial cost of buying any type of wooden shutters in Bremerton is going to come into play. You will have a set budget for your window treatments; the amount you saved and the amount that you're willing to pay. This is a great decision to avoid going into debt.

If you have a budget on the smaller side, faux wood is likely the best option. It’s the most affordable material out of the two. For those with a larger budget, real wood could be considered. You’ll want to consider other factors before you choose, though.

The Longevity of the Shutters

It’s important to look at how long your shutters are designed to last. Faux wood is likely to last a little longer than real wooden shutters in Bremerton. This is simply because the real wood tends to warp in the heat.

However, the lifetime isn’t all that different with some maintenance and care. You can make real wood shutters last for 20 to 30 years, which is also the same lifetime as the faux wood. If longevity is your only concern, you can still choose one or the other. Let’s look at a couple of other ways to help you choose.

Appearance of Faux and Real Wooden Shutters in Bremerton

You will care about the way your shutters look in your home. You want something that looks beautiful, works with your current décor and offers a range of style benefits. Faux vs. real wood does have a knock-on effect with the appearance.

Real wood is natural. It comes in neutral colors, usually various shades of brown. You can get them treated in white, but most of the time, you’re choosing a color that will remind you of the outdoors. Faux wood can come in a variety of colors, including bolder options, because of the vinyl covering.

Addition to the Landfill After Use

Finally, you need to consider the way faux and real wooden shutters in Bremerton will affect the landfill after use. What happens to them when you’ve discarded them in the decades to come?

Faux wood doesn’t break down. The vinyl covering prevents the wood composite in the middle from breaking down into the ground, so you’re left with something on the landfill forever. Meanwhile, real wood naturally breaks down. You don’t leave the pollution that you would with the faux wood.

With faux and real wooden shutters in Bremerton offering many of the same benefits, you need to consider the life after to choose between them. What type of effect do you want on the environment?