Drapes in Port Orchard: Nursery Window Treatments Dos and Don’ts

Drapes can be a popular option for nursery room treatments. After all, they’re easy to hang and can offer a range of heating benefits for your little one. However, there are certain safety tips you need to follow. Here are the dos and don’ts for drapes in the nursery in your Port Orchard home.

Do Avoid the Floor-Length Options

Start with changes to the length of the drapes you choose. Floor-length drapes are extremely popular, but they’re not the safest option for the nursery. At first, they won’t be a problem for your baby. The problem comes when they become mobile. Crawling and just-walking babies will pull on the drapes and this could lead to them being pulled down on top of them. Even if babies don’t pull, drapes are excellent for wiping sticky hands on them to a baby!

Don’t Place the Crib Near the Window

While you may want to make sure plenty of sunlight shines on your baby—it is good for vitamin D and if your baby is a little jaundiced—you’ll need to think carefully about crib placement with drapes. Your baby will pull on anything in reach, and that could mean the drapes that are close to the crib. You also run the risk of your baby climbing up the drapes, which could mean danger falling over the side of the crib.

Do Get the Right Type of Bar

Your drapes will need to hang on a bar at the top of the window. Think about the length of this, to make sure it’s suitable for the size of window you have and the type of drapes you’ve chosen. Bars that are too short will buckle under the weight of the drapes and they can fall.

Don’t Bother with Pressure Bars

You can get bars that hang inside the frame with pressure or screw into the wall at the top of the window. Always opt for the latter in a nursery. Not only will this help the drapes hang better, but they also will be safer for your baby. If your child does grab the drapes in some way, there’s little chance of pulling the bar off the wall.

Do Opt for a Pattern

Plain drapes in may look clean and crisp, but your baby will want patterns. The patterned drapes will help to draw in the eyes and aid with development. They also can be fun and fancy for the room, adding color and shapes. Consider coordinating the drapes with the bedding to add a little extra to the room.

Do Make Sure They’re Child Safe

Whatever types of window treatments you use, make sure they are designed for nurseries. Look out for child-safe options to avoid accidents when you’re not in the room. (Your local Budget Blinds Style Consultant can help you find the best child-safe options within your budget.)

drapes look beautiful and are beneficial for nurseries in your Port Orchard home. Make sure you follow the above tips to make the room as safe as possible for your baby.