Faux Wood Blinds: Aren’t They All The Same?

Two-inch faux wood blinds are versatile and inexpensive basics of the blinds world, but not all 2" faux wood blinds are created equal. Here are some basic tips to help you get the right blind for your budget.

Since they are made from PVC and PVC will soften and discolor when exposed to sunlight, faux wood blind manufacturers add polymer strengtheners and UV blockers to the mix so the blinds will hold their shape in the window. Most faux wood blinds fall into one of three categories; 1 Year, 3 Year, 10 Year. The 1, 3, 10 refers to the number of years the manufacturer warrants the blind to be free of warping, melting, yellowing or breaking.

A 1 Year blind has enough strengtheners and UV blockers to keep it from warping, melting or yellowing for 1 year. These are commonly called "Builder Blinds" because the builder calculates he can sell the house within a year and if the blind warps or yellows after that it is someone else's problem. A Builder Blind will be less expensive than a blind warranted for 3 or 10 years. 

Tip #1: Decide how long you will keep the blind before replacing it and buy the appropriately rated blind. Remember, the most expensive blind is the one you have to buy twice. 

Tip #2: How much heat will the blind will have to endure? Builder Blinds will typically start to soften when the temperature in the window gets around 80 degrees. The picture above is an example of a builder blind with warped slats. Dark blinds are more prone to warping than light-colored blinds because the dark color absorbs the heat.  If the window you are putting the blind in gets a lot of sun you should consider a higher rated blind.

Tip #3:  Can you trust the company selling the blind?  A favorite trick of some merchants is to show and quote a 10 Year blind but deliver a Builder Blind. Most consumers can't tell the difference and by the time the blind starts to warp, melt or yellow it's too late to get it replaced. Your best insurance is to purchase from a trusted local merchant who will stand behind their product and replace it if necessary.

In addition to the standard warranty against manufacturing defects, many faux wood blinds from Budget Blinds come with a Lifetime No Questions Asked Warranty at no additional charge. This damage/abuse warranty is unmatched in the industry and basically says that Budget Blinds will replace any blind that is damaged or destroyed for any reason. The most common reason is pets chewing the blinds, but we've also replaced blinds from smoke and fire damage, storm damage, and one family whose three-year-old daughter discovered how efficiently scissors cut strings - the strings on the blinds!

The expert consultants at Budget Blinds can help you find the right blind for your style and budget. And don't forget to ask about our No Questions Asked Warranty!

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