Why Blackout Shades in Freeport Are Perfect for Shift and Night Workers

If you work shifts or night, your body clock works the opposite way that it should. It’s not easy sleeping during the day, so you need to make your bedroom as shift- or night-worker friendly. This is where blackout shades in Freeport are perfect. Here’s why you need to consider them for your home.

They Block Out All Light

The big benefit of getting the blackout shades and blinds is that they block out every bit of light coming into the room. They’re used mostly for children’s rooms because of this. After all, children see light and they instantly feel the need to be up, whether it’s 5 a.m. or 10 p.m. in the far north!

When you’re working shifts or nights, you’re likely sleeping during the day. The light outside tells your body it’s time to wake up, so you find it hard to sleep. Blackout shades in Freeport prevent this from being such a big issue. Your mind doesn’t see the light, and this helps your natural body clock. You fall asleep much easier during the day and find it easier to sleep longer when you do finally get to sleep.

You’ll need to make sure the blinds are closed properly for full benefits. They also need to sit in or over the window properly to prevent any light shining through for maximum efficiency.

Blackout Shades in Freeport Can Reduce Sound

While they’re not good for complete soundproofing, the blinds are excellent for reducing the sound coming into the home. You’re sleeping at a time that is normally noisy outside. Children will play outside, the traffic will pass, and people talk. There’s nothing you can do to prevent that, so you need to find a way to minimize the distraction.

Blackout shades in Freeport offer a way to dampen some of the sounds. You can reduce the amount that comes into the home, only hearing the odd bit of traffic and noise from the neighbors.

This will depend on the type of blackout shades or blinds you do have. Get faux wood or wood blinds for most of the benefits. The fabric shades aren’t as good for sound dampening.

They Help Keep the Room Cool

Blackout blinds are also excellent options for reducing the amount of heat coming into the home during the day. This is especially beneficial in the summer. There’s nothing worse than trying to sleep in a hot room, but that’s a problem during the day. Shift workers shouldn’t have to put up with the overheating throughout the day, something that isn’t as big of a problem on a night.

The blackout shades in Freeport stop the light from coming in, which prevents the UV rays causing the heat to increase. You don’t need to use the air con all the time, increasing your bills and possibly causing noise that you don’t want!

You’ll find it much easier and more comfortable to sleep with the right window treatments in the home. It’s time to consider blackout shades in Freeport as a shift or night worker. Make your room a bat cave.

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