Most Popular Types of Plantation Shutters in Valley Stream to Consider for Your Home

If you’ve decided on Valley Stream plantation shutters, you’ll now want to look at the types to add. While most come in the same style, they all have different materials and colors. It’s the materials that you want to consider carefully, as they can affect the longevity and look of the shutters. Here are the most common types of plantation shutters with their pros and cons.

Wood Shutters

Wooden shutters are among the oldest types of plantation shutters in Valley Stream. They look beautiful and certainly bring the style of the past in the home. They also offer a range of benefits, like heating and lighting control.

The downside is the way the material succumbs to the heat of the sun. Wooden shutters, like wooden blinds, suffer from a lot of UV damage and can warp in the heat. You’ll find that you need to replace your shutters more frequently, which defeats the purpose of getting the blinds. While the shutters can be treated, this doesn’t help to prevent all UV damage.

UV-Resistant Synthetic Shutters

You can opt for shutters that are made of a synthetic material. There are different types available, but one of the most common is a UV-resistant poly satin. These types of Valley Stream plantation shutters are extremely popular when you’re worried about the damage they can face when constantly facing the sun. They’re highly beneficial for those with south-facing windows, which get the heat all the time.

They are among the most affordable, but they don’t always look the best. Sometimes you can tell that they’re made of a synthetic material and this leads to a feeling of being inadequate. The material is designed to last the decades, though, and you can get some that are treated on the outside to look like the real thing.

Faux Wood Shutters

Faux wood plantation shutters in Valley Stream are among the most expensive options, which is the biggest downside. This is linked to the way they’re made. Faux wood tends to have a wooden core, but then a treated covering that will protect the wood from damage. The great thing is you get something that looks like the real deal but doesn’t succumb to the warping.

The downside really is the cost. However, you save a lot in the long run, as the shutters won’t need replacing often and they will look good with minimal maintenance. They also look like the real thing, so your guests will instantly believe you have high-quality wooden Valley Stream plantation shutters.

All three types of shutters can come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. They can all be custom-made, although the synthetic and faux wood shutters tend to be the easiest. This could be a deciding factor if you want something other than the plain white shutters for your home.

Think carefully about the materials you get for your Valley Stream plantation shutters. They all look beautiful, but the placement in the home can affect longevity.

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