Maximize Your Beach House View with Roman Shades in Long Beach

Getting a beach house is a pride and joy for many. You want it for that beautiful view of the ocean and the sand at your fingertips. At the same time, you want privacy and warmth and that means finding good window treatments for the windows. Long Beach roman shades could be the perfect option to maximize your beach house view and here’s a look at how.

Don’t Take Up the Whole Window

Start by planning on where you’re going to place the roman shades. You can adapt your windows if you’ve bought your home—and this can definitely be worth considering. Get windows that have a slightly different style at the top that you want to show off to everyone in the home. You can get then get a bar at the bottom of that unique element so the roman shades cover the rest of the window.

Think of your Long Beach roman shades as a little like café shutters. You allow some of the light through the top of the window, keeping your beach house light and airy. However, you have practicality when you want to gain some privacy. Depending on the layout of your home, this could even help you block off glare but still get a view from above.

Use Solar Roman Shades

You can look at getting roman shades with a solar shade material. This will help you block the glare coming into your home and offer privacy, by creating a one-way mirror effect. While people can’t see in, you get a beautiful view of the outside area.

The downside of the solar shade effect is you don’t get the privacy on a night. You’ll want something to cover the roman shades in Long Beach on a night, which will block the view. This is something to consider when you have a beautiful view from your sitting room or conservatory.

Opt for Stacking Roman Shades

You can get a few different types of roman shades in Long Beach. To help maximize your view from the window, opt for those that stack instead of cascade down. This helps to create more space when the roman shades are fully open. Cascading options will hang slightly lower.

The downside is when you have glare coming through you’ll need to use the shades slightly. With a cascading style, you may get away with the longer sections stopping the sun from getting past.

Only Use Them for the Top Half

Like with using roman shades in Long Beach for your lower section of your windows, you can also use them for the top half. You get the practicality of the shades during the day, preventing the glare and UV damage coming through your windows. However, you still keep the view through the lower section of your windows; the part that you’re likely to look through during the day.

Consider all your options to maximize your view. While Long Beach roman shades tend to be opaque, you can still get that beautiful view from your beach house.

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