Do Curtains in Freeport Need to Touch the Floor?

When you ask people about the length of your curtains in Freeport, you’ll hear that the standard length is for them to touch the floor. In some cases, they hover just over the floor. But is this really necessary? Do you really need your curtains to touch the floor?

To reach the floor, you’ll need to pay for the material. This is especially the case if you’re getting custom-made curtains. That means more money spent on your window treatments.

If you’re looking at keeping the cost down, you’ll possibly look into shortening your curtains. So, do they really need to touch the floor?

The Simple Answer

The easiest answer to say is not at all. If you don’t want your curtains in Freeport to touch the floor, they really don’t need to! You can get them shorter for all types of reasons.

If you have animals or children in the house, you may decide to get shorter curtains. This makes it harder for them to climb up and will keep the bottom of your curtains clean. There’s nothing wrong with choosing a shorter length, but you’ll want to think of the length carefully.

Opt for Just Under the Frame

If you want to save as much money as possible, you’ll want to look at the shortest length to go. This is just below the window frame. Try 2-4in below the window frame at a bare minimum, although 6-12in will look better.

Going for any shorter and you’ll lose the benefits of getting curtains in Freeport. The gap will prevent the full blackout or room darkening effect. You’ll also lose some of the heating and cooling benefits, as the heat will pass through that gap. Your windows also don’t quite look dressed.

When you do this, get curtains that start just above your window frame. This makes the decision look wholly intentional.

Try Halfway Between Window and Floor

Those who have the extra budget will want to consider curtains that sit a little further down. Instead of going all the way to the floor, opt for those that sit between the bottom of the window frame and the floor. They sit at about the halfway point, making it clear that your sizing has been intentional.

To make this work well, you could look at curtains that start halfway between the top of the window and the ceiling. Again, you get that intentional look, without spending a fortune on the material.

Running Across the Central Heating

If you have central heaters that run along the flooring below your window, you won’t want your curtains to go all the way to the bottom. Opt for those that sit just above the central heating. This doesn’t save money on material, but it will look good. The whole window looks dressed.

The downside is you also need your curtains to start from as close to the ceiling as possible. You also make your curtains look alluring to pets!

You don’t need to make your curtains in Freeport to touch the floor if you don’t want. You’ll hear that this is standard, but it depends on what you want to gain and the budget you have.

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