California vs. Plantation Shutters in Freeport: Understanding the Differences Between the Two

You’ll have heard about plantation shutters in Freeport. They are extremely popular options. As you start looking, you’ll also hear about California shutters. When you look at them, they tend to look very much the same.

 There are some slight differences between the two. Understanding the differences between the two types of window coverings is important to help you find the right one for you. Here’s a look at how the two shutters differ to help you choose.

 It’s All About the Louver Size 

The real difference between California and plantation shutters in Freeport is the louver size. Plantation shutters tend to have larger louvers, usually by an extra inch. The one that you’ll choose is the one that works to your lighting and heating needs the most.

 California shutters tend to have louvers that sit 2.5” in width. Meanwhile, you can get 3.5” in width with a set of plantation shutters. 

Why Get Bigger Louvers from Plantation Shutters in Freeport?

 Don’t you want the smaller louvers? After all, bigger louvers mean that you end up with a large gap between them. This is something to consider as it will affect the type that you get. 

The larger louvers can be beneficial if you like to let a lot of natural light into your home. If you live somewhere that gets little light or you’re in a north-facing room that doesn’t get the direct sun, the larger louvers can help to make your space feel bigger. You can keep the privacy but get the natural light to boost your mood.

 Smaller louvers are more beneficial when you want to block more heat in the home. There are smaller gaps for the heat to escape during the day, while you’re allowing the natural light into space. 

Think About the Size of Your Windows

 You want to keep the shutters consistent. Whether you choose California or plantation shutters in Freeport, you need to choose just one for the entire room. This means thinking about the size of every window in your home.

 Plantation shutters can look bulky in smaller windows. The larger louvers tend to take up too much space. Meanwhile, California shutters are perfect. If you have a lot of small windows in the home, you’ll want to consider just getting California shutters.

 Those who have large windows all around their home will benefit from the beauty and light gained from plantation shutters.

 All the Other Benefits Are the Same

 It really is just the size. California and plantation shutters in Freeport offer all the other benefits in the same way. They are both usually made of vinyl or composite wood material, meaning they’re designed to last and they will help to block the heat leaving the home. You’ll also find they block the temperatures rising in the day because of the lack of UV rays.

 When it comes to buying your shutters, think carefully about the size of the windows. If your windows are small, the easiest option is going to be the California shutters, but plantation shutters in Freeport are certainly worth consideration for some.

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