4 Types of Blinds Draperies in Freeport Will Work With

If you’re looking at doubling up your window treatments with a beautiful set of draperies in Freeport, then you’ll want to consider blinds. They are easy additions and quickly work with a set of drapes. You can match colors and materials quickly, while gaining plenty of benefits between the two.

However, before you choose just any type of blind, make sure it matches your drapes. Here are four types of blinds that your draperies will work with best.

Roller Blinds for Easy Use

One of the most common types of blinds you’ll find are roller blinds. They tend to be the cheapest, which is why they’re so popular for temporary window options or those who are renting. Roller blinds and shades will also work perfectly with your draperies in Freeport.

The material is usually a soft fabric, which means you can get it in a variety of colors and styles. It’s extremely easy to match with the dreapes you already have, while salso matching with other furniture and décor around the home. The two are also affordable for all, making them popular.

Venetian Blinds for Beauty

If you want a more permanent type of blind in the home, you’ll want to double your drapes with some venetian blinds. These blinds tend to be made of a more durable material, including real wood, faux wood, and metal. Whatever type of material you get, there’s a type of drape that works well.

If your draperies in Freeport are white or cream, venetian blinds will always look good. It doesn’t matter which type of material you get, the color schemes will always work and compliement each other. However, faux wood is usually the besttype of venetian blind to get, whether doubling up or not.

Honeycomb Blinds with Draperies in Freeport

Another type of shade or blind to consider is a honeycomb blind, also known as cellular shades. They are beautiful and practical additions to your home, offering a range of heating and cooling benefits. You can get blackout cellular shades or light filtering ones. The latter will work well with your drapes when you do want to create a blackout effect.

The cellular shades are usually made of a soft material. You can choose whatever colors you want, although white and cream shades tend to be more preferred for the crisp and bright look. Because of the light filtering, you can get a set of linen or sheer drapes to create a sense of openness around your home.

Double Up with Bamboo Blinds

What about natural wood that offers a range of benefits? Bamboo shades and blinds have become extremely popular. They filter the light, work in humid rooms well, and the blinds look great. The downside is creating a blackout effect.

This is where doubling up with your drapes will come in. The drapes offer the thick, paneled material that will match the natural wood colors and offer all the lighting control you need on a night.

Which types of blinds are you getting to double up with your draperies in Freeport? Consider your preferences and needs to find the best option for you.If you’re looking at doubling up your window treatments with a beautiful set of draperies in Freeport, then you’ll want to consider blinds. 

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