4 Top Tips for Washing Drapes in Baldwin

Drapes in Baldwin are affordable and beautiful window treatments for almost every room in the home. They’re also extremely easy to maintain. You don’t have to wash every week, but now and then you’ll want to do a thorough clean.

 What are your options for washing? How do you clean them without damaging? What should you do daily vs. monthly? Here’s a look at the top four tips for washing your drapes.

Vacuum Daily for Easy Maintenance

Washing too much can damage your drapes in Baldwin, so you want to do daily cleaning that avoids the need for water. Vacuuming is your best friend in this case. You can use the upholstery nozzle to remove the dust and the dirt that collects during the day. Try to do this daily, but at least do it whenever you vacuum the rooms.

Because you get rid of most of the dust and dirt, you won’t need to remove the drapes that often. You can also use the nozzle to get to the top of the curtain railing, clearing up the dust that is often forgotten there.

Check the Instructions on the Drapes in Baldwin

The best thing you can do for your drapes is to check the instructions. These will tell you whether you can wash or you need to dry clean.

Always follow the instructions. These aren’t just there to prevent color running or to prevent shrinking of material. They protect the integrity of the material. Drapes won’t last as long as they should if you wash something that should be dry cleaned.

The instructions will also tell you the type of heat to use when washing. Most drapes need to be washed on a cool cycle to protect the material and the color.

Avoid Tumble Drying

Most drapes in Baldwin can’t be tumbled dried. You’ll usually find that the instructions make this clear, and you want to follow this part of the instructions.

Like washing on a high heat or washing when you’re supposed to only dry clean, tumble drying your drapes will cause the material to lose its consistency and integrity. The material breaks down and you can find the lining is damage. The drapes won’t last as long, so you don’t get the best value for your money.

Wash No More than Once a Month

It can be tempting to wash your drapes more regularly. This is especially the case if you have stains somewhere on your drapes. Try to avoid washing more than once per month. The more you wash, the more you run the risk of damaging the material.

If you have stains or you spot a tough bit of dirt, you’ll want to treat directly. Spot try with a damp cloth and some mild soapy water. Avoid harsh chemicals to protect the material.

You can keep your drapes looking like new. With the right washing methods, your drapes in Baldwin will look good and remain effective and beneficial, regardless of the room or style.

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