4 Best Colors for Curtains in Valley Stream in the Winter

The winter months will be here before you know it. The weather is already getting colder and threatening to snow. You want to make sure your home is ready, which means thinking about the colors of your curtains in Valley Stream.

 You’ll be surprised at how a simple color change can help you feel warmer and cozier in your home. Here are the four best colors for your curtains in the winter.

 Draw In With Black or Dark Brown 

If you have a large living space, you want curtains in Valley Stream that will feel like your room is drawn in. You want something that makes it look like your heat isn’t going to escape through the window. Dark colors will immediately offer this benefit. 

Black is one of the most popular options, but this can be too dark. Dark brown is often a preferred option for some because you get the sense of the outdoors but keep a neutral color for the rest of your décor.

 Work With Deep Reds

 Deep red is excellent for that sense of warmth and coziness in the winter. You’ll want to consider the color for your curtains in Valley Stream.

 You’ll hear that red can make you feel anxious or angry. However, it all depends on the exact shade. Work with a burgundy color or something similar. The color is slightly more calming while creating a sense of warmth.

 The color will make you think of fire. This is great to immediately feel warm on the inside.

 Choose Navy Blue for Your Curtains in Valley Stream

 Navy blue is an excellent color choice when it comes to creating a sense of warmth. The color helps to make a space feel smaller, which immediately helps to make it feel warmer. However, it’s not as closed in as black, so you don’t feel uncomfortable.


Navy blue doesn’t bring in a sense of the outdoors. This can often be warming since you’re not thinking of the snowy or stormy weather outside. The blue can also be easier to work with other décor choices.

 Try a Dark Green Color

 Why not try something a little different to the usual trends? Work with a dark green instead of reds and blues? This is a great way to bring the outdoors into your home, and you still work with the winter colors.

 There are plenty of evergreen trees out there. You’ll even work with colors that match your Christmas tree if you’re decorating for the time of year. 

The benefit of dark green is that you get many of the same benefits above. The color will help to make the room feel smaller and cozier. It doesn’t feel like the heat will escape as easily, so you get the psychological benefits. However, the green brings the thoughts of the outdoors, so you don’t feel as closed in as you would with black or blue.

 What color are you choosing for your curtains in Valley Stream? Get ready for winter and make your home feel warmer.

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