3 Types of Plantation Shutters in Long Beach for Your Home

Long Beach plantation shutters are extremely popular. They don’t just add value to your home, but they can add beauty and charm. You just need to find the right type of plantation shutter for your home’s style. This is more than just choosing the right material and color, but getting the right cut. Here’s a look at the three types of plantation shutters to consider for your home.

Louvered Shutters for the Vintage Look

If you want easy to maintain, vintage-style plantation shutters in Long Beach, you’ll want to consider louvered options. These have slats that are cut the same length and overlap one another in a wooden frame. They’re extremely popular and ones that you’ve likely seen in homes around your area.

They withstand all weather, block the outside view, and are extremely easy to use on a daily basis. You can also paint them in a variety of colors. They are the easiest to work with all types of homes.

Instead of the overlapping wood, you can opt for traditional plantation shutters. The slats sit more in-line with each other and can be pivoted. They allow more light control throughout the day. You get to keep the shutters closed, but not block all daylight from shining through.

Raise Panels for Decorative Needs

Sometimes you just want shutters for decorative needs. This is when you want to consider raised panel shutters. They will often remain open, never offering any practical reasons. They’re excellent when you want a country-style home that has a formal and beautiful appearance on the outside.

They certainly withstand extreme weather, but they don’t offer much protection for the windows. They are sometimes too narrow to completely cover your windows, meaning people can see through the mirror. This will depend on the way they’re made.

If they do close fully, they won’t allow any light in or out. They are a full piece of wood that can be painted any color you want. Using them with a flowerbed underneath is the most popular way to decorate your home with them.

Board and Batten for Practical, Rustic Looks

What about if you want a rustic style? If you have windows with a curved top, you will certainly want to consider the board and batten style Long Beach plantation shutters. Because of the use of single planks of wood connected together, they have a more rustic, antique look. They appear like those from cottage homes around the world, rather than traditional plantation shutters.

The style fits with the windows better. Since they shape the windows, they offer more practical uses. They are able to cover up the whole area, blocking the light and offering more privacy.

You can make the shutters stand out if you want. However, some people choose to stain them to leave the natural wood. It totally depends on the style you want to achieve.

The type of plantation shutters in Long Beach you buy will depend on your needs. You’ll need to think about the style of your home and the need for the shutters. Are they going to be decorative or practical? The choice is completely up to you.

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