Exterior Solar Shades: the Solution to Backyard Glare

Welcome to the hot, hot heat of Saskatchewan summer! As wonderful as it feels when that warm sun finally makes its' debut, it's okay to admit that sometimes the heat is a little much. That's where we come in.
Exterior Solar Shades are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. Versatile, effective, and affordable – exterior solar shades are a great alternative to screen enclosures or having the heat take over your outdoor space. They can also be used on the outside of windows that have inside blinds on them for added protection.

Here is what you should know about exterior solar shades:
• Mounting: we do need a sturdy place to mount your exterior solar shades. If you have an overhang or awning, there's usually ample room. It's also handy to have a surface at the bottom of the shade or along the sides to mount the hold-downs for the shade. This will prevent the shade from swaying in the wind.
• Function: solar shades are amazing at blocking UV rays and the best part is – you get to keep your view! With a variety of 'openness' options (which refers to the tightness of the weave), you'll be able to choose the amount of light blocking you would like. And, of course, they also come in many different colours.
• Solar shades are seasonal: we recommend that you either leave them in the open position or take them down over the winter. Our cold Saskatchewan temperatures can affect the durability of the fabric.
• Warranty: just like all of our products, exterior solar shades come with an exclusive Budget Blinds manufacturer warranty that includes our true No Questions Asked Warranty. We would be happy to go into detail regarding our warranties when we meet with you but just know this: your investment is protected!

Interested in learning more about exterior solar shades? Call or send us a message today we'll set up a time to meet! Consultations are always free and we don't charge mileage for those of you at the lake or out of town.
We can't wait to hear from you.

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