Darken your room with beautiful window coverings!

Room-darkening window coverings come in many styles, shapes, and forms. The most popular one right now is the honeycomb, or cellular, shade. This style is the same as the top-down bottom-up blinds that you often see in a picture window, but each cell is lined with foil to prevent light from coming through. Of all the window coverings available, cellular shades have the smallest gap between the fabric and the window frame. That's because the mechanisms in a honeycomb shade are all inside of the headrail and therefore do not take up room on either end of the shade.

Another great option for darkening a room is shutters. Because shutters fit tightly to the window frame, there are no light gaps at all on the sides. The slats can be adjusted to block almost all the light, making them a perfect option for a space that needs darkness when it's bright outside.

Roller shades can also be great at darkening a room. Although they do have a slightly larger gap on either side of the fabric than a cellular shade, the fabric itself blocks the light just the same. If you're not a sensitive sleeper, roller shades might be for you! If you are a sensitive sleeper but love the look of roller shades anyways, then you can create more darkening and add some elegance with a set of drapery panels. There are also side channels available, which we would be happy to show you during your consultation with us.

Wood and faux wood blinds are also often used to darken a room. Yes, they do have slats which the light can sneak through. However, they come in a 'routeless' option – which means there are no holes down the slats where the ladders are on the sides, so they can be a great option as well.

No matter the budget, no matter the look you're going for, we can always find a way to help you darken your room! Just give us a call to book your free in-home consultation and we will get you started.

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