Why We Love The Layered Look

Everything in life goes through seasons. We have the weather seasons, seasons of our lives (weddings, children, middle age, etc), and we have seasons of interests (you really liked Zumba last month, but now you're not really feeling it). Seasons are such a natural part of life, that they flow in and out of each other and it feels best when we flow with them. One way to change with the season, is letting your surroundings, your home, change as well. In the Summer we tend to have open windows, lighter colors, less layers. In the Winter we like to hunker down, cover up, insulate, and have that calm, warm feeling of hibernation. Because of the time of year, we are going to focus on preparing for Winter. One of the more natural ways to prepare your home, just like you would prepare your body, is embracing the layered look.

Because "layers" literally mean adding more to what already is, this doesn't take a ton of work. You don't have to remove all your summer drapes and replace them with a whole new "wardrobe". Instead, you can add a few things here and there, creating warmth and a completely different look, to embrace the season. Just how you wrap a present and then add flare at the end, you can do this for your home.

Below are a few simple ideas to move into the next season for layered windows.


You already have shades? Great! Chances are, they are lighter shades that let in air and light. For this next season you can simply layer a new set of shades on top of the ones you already have -- creating insulation and an entire new look. This will add texture, style, and warmth to the room. With all the different Shades available, the combinations are extensive.

Solar Shades are a great option for the homes located in slightly warmer climates during the day, but the weather cools at night. Have the first layer of the window shades as solar, keeping heat out while letting sunshine in, with the second layer as a decorative, warmer, thicker shade to bring spark to the room while adding insulation during the cooler temperatures.


Shutters are versatile. Many homes have only shutters on the windows, leaving the option of complete privacy, open shutters letting in some light, or completely bringing the shutters up or down exposing the window to everything. If you have shutters, the simplest thing you can do is add shades or drapes, giving the option for double insulation and a layered look. With so many draperies available, you can be as dramatic or subtle as you want for the season. Once the season is over, simply remove and go back to your light, airy space!


Drapes are fun! Many people are used to seeing layers in drapes - which means you can go wild. A popular, classic look is using sheer drapes under your thicker, heavier patterns. Sheers allow the option of privacy and some light ambience and warmth into the room, without exposing the room to the outside elements. You can have the heavier drapes half drawn or fully pulled back during the day, making the layers obvious, and fully close them at night bringing in the cozy, private atmosphere. For a low budget option, you can add the look and impression of sheers by sewing a bit of sheer fabric to the front edge of your drapes giving the illusion that the layer extends to the width of the entire drapery.

Worried about a heavy look? Don't! Any space can be lightened up and still layered. You can add to shutters, shades, and blinds with combination of panels on top of the windows, drapes tied off to the side of the window, and light sheer shades to bring an airiness to the room. Layering does not have to be heavy -- any extra layer will add extra insulation, and based on your needs you can tweak the style to your best interest.

Just like life, your season doesn't have to look like anyone else's season. Stay true to you, and you'll love your surroundings with the freedom to change them at anytime.

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