Where does the BED belong?!

Really, where does the bed belong? Interior designers love this question—and every decorator you chat with will have a different opinion on the matter! When it comes to positioning your headboard and frame in your room, we’ve gathered a few top options to consider. 

Why Is Bed Position Important?

Where you place your bed is essential to the style and energy of your space. Learning the art of feng shui, or the ancient Chinese practice that charts the balance of energy can help you set up your home to allow for positivity and balance to flourish. In feng shui, the bed is one of the most important principles and it must be placed in a  commanding position. This is because the bed represents you—and you want to position yourself to receive optimal positive energy. 

For example, placing your bed in a corner can make you feel cramped and closed off, and may even give off negative energy. This negative energy can influence the quality of your sleep, which may cause issues in other parts of your day. 

Best Places for Your Bed, According to Designers

Position the Bed Against the Main Wall

Placing your bed against the main wall is the most popular option suggested by designers and homeowners, especially if the floorplan you are working with is square. Square bedrooms make the most sense, from a functional standpoint and from Feng shui, if the best is placed on the central axis of the room. 

Place the Bed Facing the Doorway

Placing your bed against the main wall tends to also place your bed opposite the bedroom door. If you have an overstated headboard, guests and family will be able to see it from your hallway giving you a chance to show off your design style! 

Position the Best Facing the Window

Placing your bed by or facing the window works best to create a strong focal point for your room. If you live in a big city with a high-rise view or a quaint town with nature just outside your window, you might be inclined to make it your bedtime view. This best position can be great too if you pair it with some updated wood blinds, stylish drapes, or roller shades for privacy.

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