Vamp Up Your Room With Stylish Shades

Guess what? Shades don't have to be boring. They don't have to be uniformed. They don't have to be cookie cutter. They don't have to be bland, hidden, or the same as your childhood home or neighbor. Shades can be ALL you, all your choice, all YOUR style, and all your idea. There are so many options that you could literally change your shades once a month and create a different look for each month of the year! But, that would probably be exhausting. Instead, maybe choose some you would like to at least keep for a season or even a few years, knowing you can change your tone at any time. Here are a few of our favorites to get your idea juices flowing.

Faux Shades

Do we even start by telling you how these can be custom designs? The options! Faux Shades are fun because even though they aren't functional (hence the "faux" part), they can add any type of pop to a room that you want! From bright colors, to interesting designs, they add an accent to a room in such a tasteful amount that it's easy to get away with something a little more vibrant than you normally would. Plus, since less fabric is needed, these are more affordable if you are just going for a fashion look and not window coverage.

Woven Wood Shades

Have you noticed how "in" wood is right now? Wood shades compliment the simplistic, minimalistic, clean, modern atmospheres that many people are gravitating towards. Not only are these popular in vacation homes, but your own home can feel like an escape when using these shades to teleport you into your own little world. The style remains classy, yet can add warm or coolness to any room. An added bonus is we make these Woven Wood Shades from renewable sources, like bamboo, so you can feel good about the room you are in. They can be motorized, and come in many styles, including bottom-up or top-down.

Roller Shades

Roller Shades are flat stretches of fabric that can really show off a unique fabric once unrolled from a hidden mechanism. These shades are highly customizable and come in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, light filtering options, and light control/darkening/blackout options. They are available in over 100 screen styles, really opening up your room to anything you would like to create. Plus, as with most the products, they are available with a motorized lift, cordless lift, small cord lift, and more - depending on your specific goals.

Graphic Shades

Have kids? Or maybe you have a room that makes you want to express yourself in a different way! Graphic Shades are incredibly fun and unique. You can actually have an image of your choice printed on the shade, which offers a level of customization like no other. Think, for kids, a princess? Spiderman? Or many you own a business or have a home office and want to add a logo to your window shade? Or perhaps you or your partner LOVE a certain team and just have to dedicate a window shade to their team logo? You can create whatever your little heart desires with this option. These shades look great, and are easy to operate. They can also come motorized for the kiddos to eliminate any cord danger.

Repeating Shades

Are you one to enjoy coordination? One foolproof way to have a clean, well presented room, is choosing a shade, possibly a Sheer Shade, and repeating the same pattern on three or more windows, causing a visually pleasing effect. You can do this with any type of shade you choose. We recommend a light, floral pattern to brighten up a room.

Oversized Shades

Yes, we know that typically you construct shades to fit perfectly into the window. But maybe this time you let them be a little larger than normal, overlapping the window, creating a completely different look. They kind of cover like drapes, but instead of being pulled to the side, they function like shades, because, well, they ARE shades (and offer a unique alternative to draperies). This is great to try on a large window that takes up most of a wall as the main part of a room.

With all the different options, there is no way we can address them all here! Each style has the choice of top-down, bottom-up, as well as the ability to be motorized, graphics, oversized, custom designed or cut. The sky outside your window, is really the limit. Don't let yourself be bogged down by the mundane. Spruce up your surroundings and feel good about where you live!

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