The Benefits Of Motorized Window Coverings

2017 is the year to get things done. The general population is ready to buckle down, problem solve, and live efficiently. Many believe that your home reflects your life. Do you keep a chaotic, messy home? Are you always on the run? Or do you live in a clear space, free to move and breathe, ready for whatever comes your way. One way to bring your home in line with your resolutions is adding this easy way to bring efficiency, convenience, and a clean look to your home with motorized window coverings. Once viewed as as an indulgence, progression of technology and advancements in pricing has allowed 2017 to be the year of Motorized Window Coverings for the general public.

With so many benefits and affordable prices, making the change is completely worth the time. Blinds, Shades, and Drapes can all be motorized saving the hassle of tangled cords, safety for curious children, and easier function for the elderly or anyone with mobility or dexterity issues. Going a little deeper we can see just how utilizing the motorized option will enhance your living space in endless scenerios.


Custom Motorized Blinds not only eliminate tangles, safety issues, and play toys for animals -- they create a trendy, clean look with the easiest functionality for all types of people. Blinds can be set with a timer or temperature sensors so that they open and close each day, effectively lowering your energy bills. You can control them with wireless wall switches, or with handheld remotes. Skylight Blinds are already challenging to reach, but with easy to access wall switches or a remote control, it will be as simple as a press of a button to adjust to your exact preference.


Beyond the same benefits of the blinds, Motorized Shades offer even more. All your favorite shades, such as roman shades, cellular shades, and woven wood shades can all come motorized. No matter your style of the season, you can keep things easy with motorized sensors and timers. Think about scenarios such as going away for vacation -- your shades can be set to their regular routine, allowing you to appear to be home, adding security. Or maybe you have a nursery or a child's room and want to ensure their safety while they play, or set their timers to have the sun naturally wake them up setting up their sleep patterns. Lets not forget the hard to reach places! Maybe your window is above the kitchen sink, washer, or dryer - creating an awkward reach to adjust the shades. Instead, flip a switch and move on with your day.


Have you ever had a set of heavy drapes, pulling on the cord to close and open, and even taking breaks before the entire drapery has shifted? Think how hard this would be with an injury or for an elderly person? Motorized Drapes take all the strain away, freeing you to choose as big and as heavy of drapes your little heart desires, with NO sore muscles. In the winter you can layer on the drapes, providing insulation, and easily pressing a button midday to allow the sun to bring in extra warmth. The motorized drapes are available in any fabric or design, and are just as easily custom made to your taste.

It's clear to see how simply getting rid of cords can add so much to your room and lifestyle. With easy dinner ambiance created, sitting down for a movie and forgetting to close the blinds because of the glare, or raising patio shades from inside without having to open the door --- it's about time this became affordable for the average home. With 2017 just beginning, we can set the bar with ever advancing technology and have one less step to take enabling us to focus our energy on the future.

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