Stylish Ways to Cover Glass Doors

Have you noticed when you stay in a hotel with a glass sliding door to the balcony, 85% of the time they are covered with those thick, vertical, white plastic blinds? Or have you ever rented an apartment with those same blinds in every single unit? Or how about walking into an office space with wider windows and sliding doors...what do you see? The same plastic blinds.

Take a deep breath, because you do NOT have to carry those into your home! There are so many stylish options to cover and decorate glass doors of all sizes. Whether it's a traditional hinged door, or a sliding door -- check out the fun options below for quick and easy ideas to not only help insulate your home, but also add flare to compliment your own personality.


A popular and effective look for glass doors, is treating them like large windows by hanging heavy drapes around the frame. During the day the drapes can be drawn to the sides, allowing the door to easily open and close if it's used often, while at night they can hang down creating privacy as well as insulation.

The cool thing about drapes, is they come in so many different styles! If you don't like the look of drapes drawn on either side for functionality, try the Motorized Drapes for simplicity and clean look. These can have a sheer look to them, still allowing light into the room while creating privacy and easy access to the door.

With so many different styles to choose from, there are also ways to vamp up the look by simply choosing Decorative Hardware to support the drapes.


If the Motorized Drapes caught your eye, but you feel something is missing --- Solar Shades may be what you're looking for. These shades also offer an efficient and clean look, while providing functionality and light. If you're into the more traditional look, Roman Shades combine classic form with contemporary function. The door is functional even with the shades down, as there would be one shade per hinged door. You can choose to install these shades as top-down or bottom-up providing privacy yet still allowing natural light into the room.

For the best of both worlds, you can combine drapes with Cellular Shades for some extra fashion, or use the Cellular Shades on their own. The most versatile glass coverings on the marker, Cellular Shades are available in three popular cell sizes and various light control levels so you can create the perfect setting while providing a cohesive look throughout your home.


For a more tailored look, Shutters are mounted right on the door frame, avoiding anything hardware around the door or added bulk to the frame. Wood Shutters add a one of a kind look to a home, giving the space a peaceful, relaxing essence while letting in light or almost completely shutting light out. You can blend the shutters into the room by painting them the same color as the wall, or set them apart by complementing the room with a dark cherry wood or another contrast to your particular style.

Depending on your door location, Indoor/Outdoor Shutters could be a unique option for your home. These Aluminum Shutters create space on a patio, enclose a balcony, or partition large rooms. With many styles and colors, there are almost endless options to design the look of your home exactly how you want.

You don't have to be stuck with boring designs and cookie cutter home appearance. Whether you have a one of a kind designed home, a home that is brand new and has a matched design in other neighborhoods, an older home that just really needs a can re-create your space and feel like you've started all over with just a few simple changes to your windows and doors.

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