Interior Designer Tricks to Make Your Windows Look Bigger

So, your home wasn't blessed with large picture windows. Here are some top tips from interior designers on how to make your small windows look large with simple tricks of the eye.

5 Interior Designer Tricks to Make Your Windows Appear Larger

1. Raise your curtain rods.

If you're worried about your windows appearing to be short and stubby, simply make them appear taller. Create this illusion by raising your curtain rods well above the top of the window. Screwing in your curtain rod about two inches from the ceiling molding is ideal.

2. Choose curtain fabric wisely.

Raising your curtain rod isn't the only solution, your type of curtains—specifically the fabric—matters, too. Skimpy curtains will make any design look cheap and unprofessional. Choosing a quality fabric that is made of thick and sturdy material will help you hid the line between the wall and the window. In turn, this will create an illusion of a larger space.

3. Install a wider curtain rod.

Want to make your window appear wider? Invest in a wider curtain rod. Extending your rod left to right a little more can make all the difference when trying to exaggerate the window frame. With this look, you'll cover the wall around the window with drapes, too. Guests eyes will be tricked into thinking the window is wider because it will be difficult to determine where the window ends and the wall begins.

4. Choose a patterned window treatment.

Fabrics with vertical patterns will draw the eyes upwards and will create the illusion of a longer window. Verticle stripes can do wonders for making your windows appear taller—but any pattern that draws your eyes side to side will do!

5. Make curtains the focal point.

Bold curtains can be the best things you can do for a suffering window pane. Why? Because adding quality window treatments—AKA the ideal blinds and shutters or drapes—will give you the pop of color your living area or bedroom needs. Making curtains (or even the shutters) the focal point will take the attention away from the window's original size.

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