Home Décor Trends That Are Blowing Up in 2016

Just when you think you've seen it all another home décor trend pops up out of the woodwork. It can become quite overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest in appliances, custom window treatments, and floor coverings. Stay in the loop with these top home décor trends that are sweeping Snohomish County.

Formal Dining Rooms are Making a Comeback

There once was a family who sat down for dinner every evening and shared the day's events amongst themselves. While you would think that this tradition is largely outdated, surprisingly it is making a comeback and so is the formal dining room. Over the years as schedules became more hectic and meals were more on-the-go, the formal dining room became a dumping ground for backpacks, brief cases and the like. These days, home owners are just saying no to clutter and yes to chic, stylish dining room tables, exquisite carpets, and custom window treatments to bring the whole room together.

Mismatched Cabinets are All the Rave

Who says everything in your home has to match perfectly? The latest home décor trends say to mix and match to your heart's delight; especially when it comes to cabinetry. Feel free to mix and match, styles, colors, textures and hardware and express a style that is all your own. Not sure you're ready for copious amounts of change? Try starting with a basic white cabinet and paring it with another color cabinet that compliments the colors in the room. Pair colored doors with basic white cabinets for added depth.

Take the Tech Out of Your Living Room

Tired of all of the blipping, bleeping, and digital zombie teens roaming around your house? Then you will be a huge fan of this next trend. More and more families are choosing to make their family rooms "tech free zones". That's right, no television, no radio, no computer...just good old fashioned sunshine coming through the blinds and conversation to fill the air. We can't think of anything more chic than that.

Keep Those Home Fires Burning

Anyone who is an Everett, Mill Creek, or Lake Stevens native knows that those good old-fashioned Washington winters can be biting cold. Fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular as the focal point of family rooms and formal living rooms. Place a few of your favorite chairs in close proximity of the fireplace to create a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. Cast the cares of the day away with a lit fire and a good book.

Not Just a Bathroom Anymore

Generally speaking, when you think of a bathroom the basic items come to mind: toilet, sink, shower. These days, bathrooms are becoming more like spas than simply a place to wash your hands. Home owners are choosing to make their bathrooms roomier and are even adding cushy chairs, small tables, and lamps to the area. Now-a-days you don't even have to leave the comfort of your home to enjoy the complete spa experience.

Window Treatments With a Kick

Long gone are the days of dollar store blinds or your grandma's plaid curtains. The big trend this year in window treatments has to do with lots of color; jewel tones in particular. Deep Emerald greens and Ruby reds are all the rage. Pair these incredible window treatments with a metallic rod and you have window décor perfection. Light elements are also important this year, so remember to choose a style of window treatment that lets in as much natural light as possible.


Our last trend is one of our favorites; mixing textiles and materials. This trend is especially popular with kitchens and includes using multiple types of tile, fabrics, woods, and colors and incorporating them into one space. When considering window coverings for a space such as this, don't shy away from choosing something different like Budget Blinds' own plantation shutters, solar shades, or custom valences and drapes. The right window covering can add the perfect touch to an amazing room.

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