Get Your Windows Ready for Fall

As you plan ahead for winter in Mill Creek, WA, you might be inclined to get the fireplace ready and rake the outdoor leaves. However, you must not forget to give some thought to your windows. Fall is the perfect time to get your windows ready for cooler temperatures. Here’s how.

4 Ways To Get Your Windows Ready for Fall

1. Clean your windows.

As the season changes, you should give your windows a good cleaning to wipe away any summer pollen, dust, and dirt. All you need is a little glass cleaner for the interior and exterior window panes and a dust rag to wipe off the frames. 

2. Check for damage.

How old are your windows? If you can’t remember when they were installed or you live in an older home, you’ll also want to check for damage before cooler weather arrives. Damaged windows can be drafty, fog up, and create a breeding ground for mold. If your windows are worn or damaged, you might need to consider repairs. 

3. Insulate the gaps.

Want to reduce the amount of heat that escapes your windows? Make sure to think about window insulation. The best way to insulate your windows is to install the latest and greatest eco-friendly models. If that’s not ideal for your budget or time, consider installing plastic film insulation to cover cracks or invest in eco-friendly window treatments. You can also follow our tips to keep the draft out

4. Update your window treatments.

Another way to make sure your windows are ready for fall is to update your window treatments. In the fall, you want to make sure you’re keeping in heat and conserving energy. Some energy-efficient window treatments you might consider are: cellular shades, light-blocking drapes, and hardwood shutters

Budget Blinds: Energy-Saving Window Treatment Installation Near Mill Creek, Woodinville & Mukilteo

Who says you can’t look good while saving energy? At Budget Blinds, we believe style and sustainability go hand in hand. As such, we are passionate about ensuring our products promote a healthy environment. To prove it, our hardwood window coverings are produced using North American hardwoods which are harvested through sustainable-yield forest management. And, we always try to recommend eco-friendly window treatments to our customers near Mill Creek, Woodinville, and Mukilteo. To learn more about Budget Blinds of Mill Creek, Woodinville & Mukilteo, check out our About page and learn about our commitment to you, our valued customer.

Ready to talk to a representative at Budget Blinds of Mill Creek, Woodinville & Mukilteo about the best eco-friendly window treatments for 2019? Contact us today!

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