Get Your House Ready For Spring

Long gone are the cool, crisp days of our Snohomish County winters; blinding snow blowing around and noses bright red and rosy.

It seems spring has sprung here in the Everett area, and now it's time to prep your house for a season of new life and new beginnings.

Read along as we present some simple yet sophisticated ways you can spruce up your house for spring.

Clean Your Blinds

When we think of spring, we immediately think of spring cleaning. This annual ceremonial purging of junk and dust from one's home has become somewhat of a cleansing ritual in our culture.

The very essence of spring brings about a newness and cleanliness. It represents a new opportunity to make some changes and do something a little different. Start your spring off right by taking the time to clean your blinds.

Blinds are one of the top dust collectors in your home and always look 100% nicer after a thorough cleaning. The website suggests cleaning faux wood blinds with a vacuum, making sure that the suction is on the lightest setting possible.

For lighter layers of dust, something similar to a Swiffer will do the trick. Genuine wood blinds should be carefully dusted with a specialty furniture polish. You can dab a little bit onto an old sock for easy cleaning. Fabric shades can also be easily cleaned with a vacuum.

Add a Touch of Nature

Nothing says "spring" like the scent of freshly cut flowers lingering in your home. Tulips, hyacinths, lilies...all the smells and the beauty of nature that can only be enjoyed during this special time of year deserve a place of honor in your home.

Adding a simple vase of assorted flowers can make all the difference when you are trying to liven up an otherwise boring space.

Dust Your Lampshades

We are just coming off of a season where we hid in our comfy homes for months away from the dark, dreary, cold days of winter. It's time to lighten things up.

Get rid of the dirt and grime on your fabric lamp shades by using a lint roller. If your lamp shades are caked with hard to remove dust, suggests using Kaboom foaming bathroom cleaner.

Simply spray cleaner onto the lamp shade, gently rub in, and then rinse. Allow to dry completely in the sun and presto! You have super fresh and clean lamp shades in no time.

Incorporate Color

If you're tired of the same old same old, try switching to a bright, spring color like peach, light pink or sage for the walls in your main rooms of your home. Add to the look with specialty blinds or drapes in a matching color.

Experiment with different prints or stripes in complimentary colors to make your drapes really stand out. Floral window dressings are also a wonderful option.

Clean Your Patio Furniture

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to spruce up the exterior of your home for spring is by simply cleaning your patio furniture. After months of sitting idle out in the elements, your patio furniture will be more than ready for a good scrubbing before your first Snohomish County dinner party.

Most patio furniture can be easily cleaned with a simple solution of water and regular or automatic dishwashing soap, however, if you have colored furniture it is suggested that you not use automatic dishwashing soap.

Many times this type of soap contains bleach which can ruin your furniture.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for getting your house ready for spring. Let us know in the comments below what your "spring cleaning" traditions are. We would love to hear from you.

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