Draperies For The Challenging Shaped Windows

Not all window shapes are the same. Sure, it's easy to find draperies and window rods for a standard sized average window -- but what do you do when your home holds unique sizes, shapes, and types of windows? Do you let them go drapery free, opening up your inner lives for all the world to see? No way (unless that's your thing) -- we have solutions for you. There are many reasons to add to your windows -- decoration, privacy, light control, temperature control. Your odd, unique, or large windows can be just as fashionably decorated and insulated as all the others. No matter the challenge, there is a solution.

Extra Tall Windows

Whether these are window walls, or just tall ceilings calling for taller windows, no window is too big for drapes. If you have windows that are essentially your entire wall, the tricky part is where do you actually hang the draperies when there is seemingly no space? On the ceiling! Ceiling tracks are a unique and efficient way to allow the openness and luxury of window walls, while still having the option of privacy and decoration while keeping the streamlined environment. These can be motorized drapes, adding to the minimalistic atmosphere allowing them to easily open and close.

If you have extra tall windows, but not quite covering the entire wall, you have two options! You can choose to mount tall drapes in the space between the top of the window and the ceiling,OR you can mount drapes midway, allowing privacy and the enclosed feeling, but keeping a pretty cool and unique elegant feel with the top part of the window remaining uncovered. This also gives the illusion of scaling the windows down to a more uniformed proportion, bringing intimacy into the room.

Slanted and Curved Windows

Both deal with angles. Slanted windows are straight edge, but at an angle, causing the drapes to normally pile up towards the bottom due to the uneven height. This is when Medallions are a great option, allowing you to hang each part of the drapery in a stationary way, using custom window shades.

Curved windows are a little simpler, still being able to used traditional rods. You may wonder, can rods curve? Yes! Most can! They can curve to fit almost any window. It's helpful to have additional professionals to ensure correct measurement for the curvature as well as the drapes during installation since it's not quite as standard as a normal installation. A professional will also be able to help you choose the correct rod and coordinating brackets that may need to be a special C-shaped ring to allow the drapes to be easily drawn. Sometimes a solution simply comes down to obtaining the correct hardware for the job.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are challenging in the fact that they have three sides, making it impossible to cover by a single rod, yet three rods look a little much. In this situation, try a curved rod like you would in the above windows. You'll need a professional to measure this correctly because you will most likely need custom-cut hardware, but it is possible to mount a correct curved sized rod on the wall if there's room, to cover all three windows.

Arched Windows

The beauty of arched windows is...well, the arch. Typically if you have an arched window, you don't necessarily want to over the arch in the process of using drapes. One creative solution here would be to leave the top arched undressed, having a rod for drapes to cross along the leveled portion of the window, creating a cafe curtain type of feel. This way, just like the extra tall windows, you ensure privacy and light control, while leaving the top uncovered adding a unique vibe to the room. Financially, this is the more economic choice. However, you can have a professional installer create a precise custom build specifically for your arch, to cover the entire window.

Deep Framed Window

This may possibly be the easiest challenge to find a solution. In a deep frame window you naturally have extra wall space on each side of the inlets. Solution? Something as simple as a tension rod - similar to a shower curtain rod- with each end on the inside of both walls, allowing a curtain to be easily drawn to cover the window, closer to the window instead of outside of the window frame.

Budget Blinds thankfully has the expertise and solutions to cover these challenges and more. Your windows don't have to go bare, and they don't have to look mismatched in their size and covers. Your home can be unique, you, and fitted to the exact measurements in any situation.

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