These Are the Best Window Treatments If You Have Kids

Baby-proofing your Woodinville home can be a major task for any soon-to-be parents. You have so many kitchen items to put away, electrical sockets to cover up...and window treatments to buy? Yes, you heard that right.

With all of the safety precautions to take and things to prepare, you might forget to replace the blinds or window hangings in and around your child’s bedroom—but it’s such an important task. When babies grow into toddlers, they become curious, and you never know what they will get into next. Having the best window treatments for kids installed can keep your little ones safe, while ensuring your comfort and style. Here’s what you should invest in.

What Are The Best Window Treatments For Your Woodinville Home If You Have Kids?

You might think that taking the blinds or curtains in your home down is the only solution. We’re here to tell you that’s not the case. When preparing for a new baby (or a toddler!) you have to adjust so much of your life. You shouldn’t have to adjust your style, too. Here are three simple window treatment types to keep your baby safe without sacrificing your home’s visual appeal.

Cordless Blinds and Shades

If you have children, go cordless. We can’t say this enough. Corded window coverings are among the top five hidden hazards in American homes—and to keep your children safe, it’s best to forgo the potential hazard all together. You can choose everything from wood to fabric to vinyl and more to give your Woodinville home the desired aesthetic. Not sure what you want? No problem. Our team in Snohomish County can help you choose the perfect cordless blinds and shades for your space. Although, we highly recommend cellular shades for children’s rooms.

Motorized Shades

Motorized shades make it easy. Want the blinds up? Push a button. Or, you can program them to open and close at specific times of day. When you’re carrying a baby on one hip and trying to wrangle a rogue toddler, convenience is key. As an added bonus, you can shut motorized shades while away from the home to cut down on energy costs...this is a win-win in our book. Take your home to a new level by incorporating what we think is the more innovative in smart home technology: Lutron Smart Shades.


Shutters make a great addition to children’s rooms or playrooms when you need an alternative to traditional blinds. Cordless by nature, you can rest easy knowing your blinds are not a hazard for your kids (or your pets!). Plus, we make choosing shutters simple. All you have to do is pick your panel size and style; we’ll work with you to customize your shutters to your home’s specific measurements.

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If you’re looking for safe, kid-friendly window treatment options for your child’s bedroom or other areas of your home in Woodinville, WA, look no further than Budget Blinds of Snohomish County. We will help you create the home of your dreams by providing you with trendy window coverings at affordable prices...and we’ll make sure they all feature high-quality safety devices. We’re committed to putting the family first, every day. To learn more about Budget Blinds of Snohomish County, check out our About page and learn about our commitment to you, our valued customer.

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