Beat The Winter Blues: Floral Patterns Will Make You Happier in Your Home

Florals for winter? Actually, that’s pretty groundbreaking. Flowers make a bold statement, especially when you consider seasonality, but sometimes bold is better. Bleak winters in the Pacific Northwest can make you yearn for warm sunshiny days—let your curtains help. Here are some reasons why floral printed drapes can add a little extra happiness to your life.

4 Reasons Floral Pattern Curtains are the Right Choice

1. Florals allow you to add lots of colors. 

Love color? You’ll love florals too. Adding a floral print will allow you to tastefully incorporate multiple colors into your home decor and overall design. If the rest of your space is neutral, floral curtains or pillows can easily help you develop a color scheme. 

2. Color improves mood if you choose the right one.

Did you know that what color you paint your room or what curtains you hang can have an effect on your mental health? Color matters in home decor, so choose something that will add a little cheer to your day-to-day. Try a floral in fresh and light tones for a calming effect. Go for a brighter tone for an excited and perky feel.

3. Floral is risky but worth it.

You can go bold with floral prints or you can scale back. The beauty of floral printed curtains, drapes, throw pillows, and accent pieces are the ability to scale the tone to your needs. Enjoy a more aesthetically pleasing home by simply embracing a risk.

4. Flowers flaunt your love of spring.

Love spring? Make it feel like your favorite season all year long with a simple drapery update. Want to have your room’s tone match the season? Choose floral prints in blue tones or hushed neutrals to enjoy the flowers without too much color.

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