5 Common Ways You Might Be Getting Window Treatments Wrong

With the right window treatments, you can transform a room in the snap of your fingers. Blinds, curtains, and other window treatments play a big part in your home’s design. But, even with the right window treatments, you can make mistakes that will alter your home’s general aesthetic and take your room from fabulous to quite drab. Here are 5 common window treatment mistakes—and how you can avoid them!

5 Common Window Treatment Mistakes—And How to Fix It

1. Failing to add details.

Some window treatments are just fine all by themselves; others could use a bit of pizzazz to spice up your space. When you work with a window covering consultant like Budget Blinds, our design specialists can help you incorporate details to new or existing window treatments to really make them especially unique. Not adding the right details, though, can leave your room feeling overcrowded or tawdry. 

2. Choosing the wrong length. 

When it comes to curtains and drapes, length matters. Choosing the wrong length drapes may leave you in a design-tizzy. If they are too short, guests will assume you ordered the wrong size. If they are too long, you may find yourself fighting off dirt and dust bunnies. Before you place an order for new drapes, always measure from the exact point where you plan to hang the rod.

3. Not adjusting the curtain rod.

Window treatments should complement the room. You don’t have to adhere to the size of the window. Have someone with an eye for design play around with the placement of a curtain rod. For a window that appears larger, consider widening the rod. For a window that appears taller, consider adjusting the height of the rod.

4. Adding too many window treatments.

Not all windows need treatments. Before deciding on the number of curtains or drapes you want to add, consider what value a window treatment adds. Do you need to block the morning sunlight? Are you hoping to improve energy efficiency? Ask yourself why before choosing to spend your money on unnecessary coverings. 

5. Not exploring all of your options.

Curtains and drapes aren’t your only window treatment options. Maybe curtains clash with your aesthetic, or maybe you just want to be different. Before choosing a window treatment, you need to explore all of your options. From shutters to blinds to shades and unique, customer offerings, the team at Budget Blinds can help you find the perfect set of window treatments for your home. 

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