Top Types of Motorized Blinds in Marysville That Won’t Block the View

You want to get window treatments that will manage the light levels coming into your home. That’s especially important in the summer when the UV rays also lead to an increased temperature in your rooms. However, you also want motorized blinds in Marysville that won’t block the view.

The last thing you want is to be closed in. You want to manage the light but not feel like you’ve lost the reason you love the view to your yard. Here are the top types of blinds you’ll need to consider.

Solar Shades Are the Best Options for View

The most common types of motorized blinds in Marysville to keep the view is a set of solar shades. They are like roller shades but come with a light filtering material instead of a room darkening one. You can see through the shades from whichever side the light has come through to.

During the day, you’ll filter out the UV rays. The natural light still shines through and you can see to the outside world. The outside world can’t see into you.

The downside of these shades is that they only work well during the day. On a night, your internal lights will make it easier for people to see into your home. You’ll struggle to see out. While you don’t mind about losing the view at this time, you may worry about the lack of privacy. Solar shades are great for conservatories and living rooms but not the best for bedrooms without a secondary layer.

Venetian or Vertical Motorized Blinds in Marysville Work a Treat

The next option to consider is a set of slat blinds. You can choose venetian or vertical depending on your window style and size, and your specific needs.

One of the downsides of these blinds is the cost. They are among the most expensive window treatments out there. However, they’re also made to last.

The biggest upside is the range of benefits that you’ll get with the blinds. You don’t just manage the light. You’ll be able to manage heat loss and gain, you’ll have privacy at all times, and you’ll find it much easier to redirect the light instead of losing it all.

Consider Dual Shades for the Best of Both Worlds

Finally, you’ll want to consider dual motorized blinds in Marysville. You really do get the best of both worlds with this.

Let’s start with what dual blinds are. You get a solar shade and a roller shade together. In some cases, the roller shade can be replaced with a roman shade. Either way, you get a light filtering section and a room darkening/blackout section.

You’ll gain the light filtering benefits during the day like you would with a set of solar shades. When it comes to the night, you don’t need a secondary window treatment. The blinds already have that secondary treatment built in to pull down.

There are many types of window treatments available. When you don’t want to block the view, you’ll want to grab one of the motorized blinds in Marysville mentioned above.

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