How to Make Custom Window Curtains in Oak Harbor Match from the Outside

Have you ever heard of the term “skittle windows?” This is something that estate agents call houses that have different colored and types of window treatments in each of their rooms. You want to create a uniform look on the outside, while getting the customized and personalized look on the inside. Here’s how you can do it with your Oak Harbor window curtains.

Use a Curtain Lining

Start with one of the simplest and overall beneficial ways to make your curtains look like they match from the outside: curtain linings. This is a sheer lining, usually white or cream, that hangs between the curtains and windows. They are dense enough to block the view from the outside, but you don’t block the light coming in, making them perfect for daily use to protect your privacy.

With the curtain lining, you can protect your window curtains in Oak Harbor. The lining will take on the UV rays coming through the window, protecting the material of the curtains. You’ll reduce the need to replace window treatments on a frequent basis. Plus, on the outside, all people see are the linings, so your window covers look like they match.

Look at Curtains with Matching Backs

While you want to match colors and styles for the room on the inside, you can still keep the outside looking uniform. This all comes from the way your curtains look on the back. Look at curtains with matching backs, so they all look like they match from the outside.

This will depend on the types of window curtains in Oak Harbor that you get. After all, if you get thin linen options, the styles on the front can still shine through the back. You’ll want to consider the overall effect for this to work. This is one of the best options if you have thermal curtains in your rooms.

Opt for Blinds or Net Curtains

These work similarly to the curtain lining effect. The net curtains or blinds can create a uniform look on the outside, while your physical curtains match the décor on the inside of your home. You can get matching net curtains for every single room, offering the benefit of privacy without blocking the light from shining through the window.

Shades and blinds can offer other benefits. They give you something more practical to use on a daily basis, offering more light control than you’d get with just your Oak Harbor window curtains. When both blinds and curtains are used together, you’ll get more heating benefits, as there are two layers of material for the heat to escape or come in through.

Making your curtains match from the outside doesn’t mean they have to match from the inside. You can still get customized and personalized Oak Harbor window curtains in your home without creating the “skittle windows” effect. It’s time to consider your three options above to see how they will work to your advantage.

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