How Blinds in Stanwood Help Manage Winter Sun

You’re looking for a window covering that will work throughout the year. While the winter brings cold days, it also brings a lot of sun glare. You’ll need to find something that will manage that winter sun, and blinds in Stanwood are perfect.

 Not sure they’re going to be worth the money? Here’s why you need to consider getting them for managing that glare throughout the day.

 Twist the Slats to Avoid Discomfort

 You’ll be able to move the slats on your blinds in Stanwood. Twisting them up and down allows you to block the glare and the UV rays without losing the natural light. You’ll be able to sit in comfort throughout the day.

 Of course, the sun moves throughout the day as the Earth rotates. You’ll find you need to twist the slats routinely. You may want to look at getting motorized blinds for easier use.

 Avoid the Bounce of Sun on Snow

 One of the biggest issues with the winter sun is the bounce of the rays from the snow. This is what can make winter sun so blinding and uncomfortable. You’ll want a window treatment that manages that. This is where your blinds in Stanwood are useful.

 You’ll be able to twist the slats to avoid them. Sometimes, you will need to shut the blinds entirely to avoid the glare from the sun above and the bounce-back from the snow. 

Blinds in Stanwood Keep Natural Light Shining Through

 There tends to be the worry that once you block out the glare, you will lose the natural light shining through. That definitely doesn’t have to be the case. The benefit is in the twisting slats. When you’re blocking out the glare, you don’t need to completely shut the blinds. You just twist slightly to prevent the glare working through the window.

 This isn’t a benefit you get with most other window treatments. You either block the glare and lose the light or you keep the light and put up with the glare. The only time you’ll lose the natural light is when you need to close the blinds completely, but this is rare.

 Another benefit with natural light is that the blinds tend to come in a white coloring. The natural light reflects throughout the home to keep the brightness without uncomfortable glare.

 Open Completely When There Is No Sun

 Sometimes, during the day, you’ll have no sun shining through. It’s a cloudy day and you want to get as much light as possible to shine into the room. This is when you definitely need to consider blinds in Stanwood. You’ll be able to open completely, making it feel like you’re letting the outside into your home.

 Of course, on a night, you want the privacy. Don’t worry too much about this with blinds. You can just close completely. The benefit is getting light and privacy at various points of the day.

 Look no further than blinds in Stanwood when it comes to managing the winter sun. There’s no need to deal with the uncomfortable glare throughout the day, but you don’t need to lose the natural light at the same time.

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