Can You Get Woven Wood Blackout Shades in Marysville?

With so many different types of window coverings, you’re likely going to look at styles that interest you and see if they can work for all your needs. Woven wood blinds look absolutely beautiful but it can seem like they’re not the best for a blackout effect. Is it possible to get woven wood blackout shades in Marysville?

 There is some good news. There are some shades that you can get with a blackout effect. However, you can also take other steps to turn light filtering woven wood shades into blackout treatments for the windows.

 Here’s everything you need to know about your woven wood blackout shades in Marysville to get exactly what you’d prefer.

 Look for Shades With No Gaps

 It’s important to look at the type of woven wood shades you get. While many are woven with small cracks, there are others that have no gaps at all. You want to look for these. The lack of gaps will help to create a blackout effect immediately.

 The wooden material will help to create a complete blackout effect. You’ll get what looks like a set of wooden venetian blinds, which will help to create a look of sophistication and class within your room. However, the woven wood tends to be more durable and the blinds are easier to use as they tend to be of a roller or roman style.

 Get a Blackout Look without Blackout Shades in Marysville

 You can get a set of light filtering woven wood blinds if you like. They look beautiful but they don’t create the blackout effect that you want, right? Well, there are other ways to get this look.

 Get another set of window treatments with woven wood shades. This will help to create texture around the window, and you can work your window coverings with the seasons or the décor for the room. With woven wood, you’re going to be stuck with limited color choices. A set of curtains or drapes, for example, can come in a variety of colors to add more personality to the room.

 Because the woven wood shades tend to be of a roller style, you can add them within the window frame easily. The curtains or drapes can then hang from the outside of the window frame. You don’t have to worry about drilling many holes above the top of the window. 

Another alternative is to get another set of roller blackout shades in Marysville. While the woven wood shades hang within the window frame, the roller shades can hang on the outside to remain out of the way.

 Getting the two different options will offer you more control with your shades. With a set of wooden venetian blinds, you’d have the option of allowing light in if you want. Woven wood blackout shades won’t offer that option, but you get the best of both worlds with light filtering blinds and a second window treatment over the top.

 The option you choose will depend on your budget and your style preferences. You can get woven wood blackout shades in Marysville if you want but they’re not always going to be the best option.

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