Can Curtains in Oak Harbor Offer Any Heating Benefits in the Winter?

You’ve heard that while curtains in Oak Harbor offer some décor benefits, they’re not the greatest for heating benefits. You’ll hear that they’re not the best option for your home, especially in the dead of winter. That’s not necessarily the case.

Curtains can offer heating benefits in the winter. It just depends on how you use them and the type of curtains you get.

Thermal Curtains Are Certainly Worth Considering

The first thing to consider is that there are so many types of window coverings. Thermal curtains in Oak Harbor are excellent additions for the home. They’re made specifically for blocking the heat from escaping throughout the winter. They are designed to make sure your room remains warm without the use of the heating all the time.

One of the downsides of these types of curtains is that they’re blackout curtains. However, you probably don’t worry about that in winter considering how dark it is a lot of the time, and you won’t worry about heat loss as much during the day. You can switch them out in the summer when you want more air and light to flow.

You Can Double Curtains in Oak Harbor with Anything

If you don’t want a set of thermal curtains, you can look at doubling up your window treatments. In fact, you can do this with the thermal window coverings, too.

Whether you have shutters, blinds, or shades, you can hang a set of drapes or curtains too. You’ll have double the layer to protect against the heat loss during the winter months. When it’s warmer, you can remove the drapes and you still have the initial layer in your windows.

They Make Great Draft Excluders for the Doors

Curtains in Oak Harbor aren’t just for the windows. You can also get a set for the doors, helping to prevent the heat escaping through the gaps in them. Whether you have interior doors or problematic patio doors, you’ve got a window covering that manages the heat loss.

The curtains don’t even need to be used properly to gain benefits. You can have the material just hang both sides of the door where the gaps are.

If you have old curtains, you can also make use of them. Roll them up and place them at the bottom of the door. You have a draft excluder for there, too!

They Do Prevent Heat Escaping Through the Windows

Even on their own, all types of curtains in Oak Harbor can offer heating benefits. Some are simply better than others.

Sheer drapes won’t offer too many benefits, but a set of thick blackout curtains are excellent for blocking the heat. It’s all about the material that creates a barrier between the room and the window.

You can use both sheer and blackout drapes together for an extra layer, while gaining privacy but no light loss during the day.

It’s time to look at the affordable window coverings. Curtains in Oak Harbor get an unfair bad reputation when it comes to heat loss, but they do work.

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