5 Art Projects to Make with Your Old Draperies in Camano Island

You’re replaced your drapes. Whether they were old and worn or you just wanted something different, it doesn’t matter. You can make all sorts of fun art projects with old draperies in Camano Island. There’s still time before the kids go back to school, so pull put the sewing machine or get the Gorilla Glue and get started with these five easy art projects.

1. Make Cushion Covers

If the drapes or curtains are just being replaced because you’re redecorating or want a change, you could consider repurposing them into cushion covers. This is also good if you have a small section that’s been damaged or worn but the rest look great. Measure up the covers for the cushion you want covering and then cut. Sew inside out to make it easier and decide if you’re going for poppers or a zip.

2. Create a New Door

Do you have a doorway without a door? This is often the case for walk-in wardrobes or when you have an alcove that you’d love to turn into some sort of storage space out of the sight of others. You can use your Camano Island draperies for this easily. You just hang them up like you would with normal curtains.

3. Turn Draperies in Camano Island Into Tablecloths

If the drapes look good still, considering turning them into a tablecloth. This is great if you have festive drapes or they have a beautiful pattern that you’d like to consider showing off still. If the edges are worn, you can turn the drapes into table runners instead. You only need a thinner piece of fabric that way.

4. Make Clothes for the Dolls

Your children may want to play dress up with their dolls and action figures. Now you have some material that you can make the clothing with instead of buying the overpriced sets from the store. This is fun for the kids too, since they get a chance to design a few ideas. You may have some budding fashion designers in your house without realizing it! You may want to put a few limits on the items you make at first as you get some practice!

5. Create a Sink Skirt

If you’re good at making skirts for dolls, why not make one for your sink. I know what you’re thinking, but just give me a minute. This is perfect if you have a sink without a cupboard underneath or where the cupboard doesn’t have a door. The skirt helps to cover up the pipes so they can’t be seen. You can just move the material to one side when you need access. Whether you have worn or just unfashionable drapes, you can make use in various rooms in the home.

What’s your first project with your draperies in Camano Island? What type of item will you make with the kids? This will depend partially on the reason for removing the drapes from the window, but there are many ways to recycle instead of throwing out.

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