5 Adorable Ideas for Children’s DIY Draperies in Marysville

You’ve decided you want draperies in Marysville for your children’s bedroom. There are certainly many benefits, including the ease of making your own. You get something that matches the tastes of your children instantly. Need help getting started with some DIY drape ideas, especially for a baby? Here are five adorable ideas.

Go for the Layered Approach

How about creating what looks like a petticoat for your windows? These drapes have a layered approach to them, bringing a sense of the 18th century into your home. The best thing about this approach is you can keep it neutral for a baby or have fun with different colors for older children.

Get your children to share their favorite three or four colors. Create a pattern with the layers of the petticoat.

Create a Starlit Room

While draperies in Marysville are good for locking all the light out, you can also have fun and create a starlit room. Take the material and cut small star-shaped holes in it. You only need up to 10 per drape and keep the stars towards the top. This helps to make sure the light shines through to the top of the room and not on your baby.

During the day, as your baby naps, stars will appear on the walls. During the moonlight, you can get the same feeling, making it look like the stars are lighting up the room.

Make a Rag-Tag, Hippy Style Drape

What about bringing in a sense of the 60s and the 70s? If your children love the past or enjoy rustic appearances, you’ll want to consider making hippy-style draperies in Marysville. You’ll want some vintage looking material for this, which you can buy or dye.

Don’t worry about anything matching. You want checkered strips, vintage colors, worn-out styles, and even bright and bold colors. Put them together on a drape lining in a random order to create a sense of the 70s.

Opt for Tie Die Draperies in Marysville

Now it’s time to pull out the dyes and have some fun with them. Grab some old curtains or plain drapes and pick out favorite colors for the dye. If your child doesn’t have a favorite color yet, just get them to pick out a few colors they know they like or that they think would work together well.

Start tying up the material in various parts and soak in the dye. You can do different strips of the draperies in different colors to create a multi-colored and bright effect.

Hang Up Your Kid’s Artwork

Why not just let your children draw on their drapes? You’ll want a plain set of draperies in Marysville to get started. Lay out on the table and offer a range of pens, pencils, paints, and more. Just let your children get to work and show off their masterpieces on the windows.

You can limit this to a specific section of the drapes at first. After a month, pull the drapes down and let them do another piece of artwork. This is a fun way to make the draperies in Marysville all about them, while letting them get away with drawing on the “walls.”

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