4 Uses for Household Mini Blinds in Camano Island

You’ve decided to upgrade your current window treatments. Whether you’re going for another set of mini blinds in Camano Island or something completely different, you’ll want to know what to do with the window treatments you’re discarding. Don’t throw out your old mini blinds just yet!

 Whatever the material, you can repurpose your current mini blinds. Here are four top uses for the household window treatments.

 Use Them for Labelling Plants and Vegetables

 You need something for the garden that helps show which vegetables or plants you’ve planted and where. The last thing you want is getting mixed up and preventing certain plants from growing right. Slats from mini blinds are perfect, especially slats from faux wood or vinyl mini blinds. 

The vinyl slats don’t degrade in the weather. They can have all the elements thrown at them and they’ll be fine. It’s one of the reasons you chose the material for your household mini blinds in Camano Island after all.

 About eight inches of material is enough for a label. You can stick the blinds in the ground or use something to stick onto plant pots. It’s completely up to you.

 For Your Home Décor Needs

 There are times you need something to help draw a straight line on your home décor projects. The problem with a ruler is that it doesn’t always bend around materials, like chairs or table legs.

 This is where your mini blinds are perfect. Whether you have fabric or faux wood, the material is usually thin enough to bend without breaking. You can have a collection of “rulers” in your DIY kit for the next project you have in mind.

 Make Your Own Photo Frame with Mini Blinds in Camano Island

 What about creating your own projects with the discarded material? Whether real wood, faux wood, or even fabric, the material can be perfect for making your own photo frames. You can glue together into a pattern to make the frame and get some clear plastic or glass to finish off the frame.

 The same applies to other similar DIY projects. Add a frame to your mirror, create your own blades for your fans, or even make fun projects with the kids. Mini blinds are perfect for all.

 Make Your Own Storage Box 

Sometimes, you just want a storage box from the cupboard. However, you can’t find one in the size you need in stores. It’s time to turn to your old mini blinds in Camano Island. This is something to consider when you have vinyl or fabric blinds because you’ll want to bend the material.

 You can weave the blinds together. Make they sit like a woven box but in colors that you want. It is possible to paint the slats first, but you’ll want to consider the beauty of them in their natural color and get some fabric to put in the box and staple over the sides to add a splash of color.

 Don’t throw out your old blinds and window treatments just yet. When you’re replacing mini blinds in Camano Island, look at all the projects you could do with them.

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