4 Tips to Make Roman Shades in Camano Island Work with Your Décor

You’re looking at getting a set of roman shades in Camano Island for your home. While you have a few ideas of what you’d love to get, you’ll want to make sure your shades will work with your décor. This is more than just matching color, although that is important. Here are four tips to make sure your roman shades work with your décor.

 Consider Neutral Colors for Your Shades

 The best way to make sure your roman shades in Camano Island work for your décor is to get neutral colors. Whether you get white, beige, or even black, you’re working with a plain base. It’s much easier to build up with your décor or work in your shades easily if you regularly change your décor.

 If you’re working from the shades up, you’ll be able to build up from the base. Then if you change in the future, you don’t need to worry when your shades are neutral. 

Neutral colors will also make it easier to work with any secondary window treatments that you have. You can change up the colors quickly through drapes if you really need to. 

Know the Style that Works for Your Home Décor’s Style

 Think about the style or period of your home. This isn’t just about the décor with the throws but any décor with woodwork or the settings of the windows and doorways. Make sure your roman shades in Camano Island will work with those styles.

 Avoid ornate roman shades in a minimalistic style home. Likewise, work your vintage shades with any vintage elements within the home. You’ll find it much easier to create a flow around the space.

 Consider Other Window Treatments with Roman Shades in Camano Island

 As mentioned, working with neutral colors makes it easier to work your roman shades with another window covering. The most common is a set of drapes. But it’s not all about color.

 Your roman shades will need to work in terms of style and thickness, too. You don’t want elaborate and vintage roman shades to work with minimalistic, modern curtains and vice versa.

 Decide on the Thickness of the Shades

 Something that is often overlooked is the thickness of your roman shades in Camano Island. Many people forget about the thickness of the shades because there are so many other considerations to make.

 You’ll not just want to think about the thickness of your shades for the lighting and heating benefits. Thickness will also help to work with the décor. Thicker material creates a sense of a smaller room and will make you feel cozier. While that’s great for a small room, if you have a lot of décor or a small room, the thicker materials can feel too claustrophobic.

 Before you buy a set of roman shades in Camano Island for your home, you’ll need to make sure think about the décor and the style. This will help you find something that doesn’t just offer physical benefits for the home, but it will also help to create a sense of comfort.

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