4 Signs You’ve Got the Wrong Type of Drapes in Mt. Vernon

You have a set of drapes in Mt. Vernon hanging in your home. Whether you’ve just bought them or they’ve been hanging for some time, you may feel like your drapes just don’t work for your décor. Or you may not be 100% happy with your purchase.

 There is a chance that you’ve got the wrong type of drapes for your home or your needs. Here are four signs your drapes just aren’t right.

 They Offer No Heating Benefits

 Some drapes in Mt. Vernon are great for heating benefits in the home. That’s especially the case for thermal drapes. If you’re not seeing any drops in your heating bills with the drapes up, there are chances that you’ve bought the wrong types for your home.

 They Don’t Offer the Lighting Benefits You Wanted

 Your drapes in Mt. Vernon may be too light in material, meaning too much light shines through the home. Or you may have got blackout drapes without meaning to. Either way, you got drapes for a specific light benefit need and now you’ve found that they don’t quite work.

 The options available will depend on the exact problems. If your drapes are too light, you can always get a lining or a secondary window treatment. When you have blackout drapes that you don’t want, you may need to replace them.

 Your Drapes in Mt. Vernon Don’t Match Your Décor

 You may have changed your décor recently. Or you moved into a property and the drapes were already there. Or you bought what you thought would work and now found that they just don’t. Your drapes just don’t work with the décor in your home.

 This is a common problem, especially if you’re living in a rented space. There’s nothing wrong with admitting that you have this problem. However, you’ll want to take steps to rectify it by replacing the drapes, especially if you can’t or don’t want to change the rest of the décor.

 They Are Too Short 

Did you measure your windows properly? If you didn’t or you’re not the one who bought the drapes in Mt. Vernon, there is the chance that your window treatments don’t quite fit. They may not reach the floor or just get to the length along the wall that you want. Or you may need to hang them lower, closer to the top of the window, than you necessarily wanted to do. 

If your drapes are too short, there’s very little you can do except replace them. The shorter drapes will make your windows and your walls look larger than they really are and that can make them look disproportionate to the rest of your home. Plus, you don’t quite create the look you were going for when you first bought them.

 Be honest with yourself. If something doesn’t quite look right with your drapes in Mt. Vernon, there’s a chance that they’re not. Take your time to figure out what’s wrong so you can decide what your next steps are.

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