4 Considerations to Make Before Buying Smart Window Treatments in Stanwood

You want to get smart window treatments in Stanwood. They are great ways to make your homework for you, but they’re certainly not going to be for everyone. Even when they will work for you, there are considerations to make based on the types of shades and the technology you want.

So, before you purchase the first set of window treatments you find, make sure you get something that is good for your needs. Here are four considerations to make.

The Wiring Options for the Smart Blinds in the Home

You’ll want to decide on how your window coverings will be powered. Smart window treatments in Stanwood come with either a hardwire option or you can get a rechargeable battery. The hardwire option will connect to your home’s electricity, which can mean higher energy bills but will mean consistent use.

With a rechargeable battery, you’ll need to make sure that it is fully charged. If it loses charge during the day, you’ll find your window coverings didn’t close when they were supposed to. However, you don’t have as many problems if there’s a power cut.

Compatibility with Your Smartphone and Voice Devices

You’ll need to make sure the window treatments in Stanwood you get will work with the smartphone you have. There may be requirements for certain types of software or a particular update to your smartphone software. This can cause problems if you run on older systems still or if you have something other than an iPhone or an Android device.

The same applies to voice-activated devices. Most systems will work with Alexa or Google. This will allow you to control by voice instead of opening the app, but make sure this is possible.

The Size of Your Window for Window Treatments in Stanwood

Always look at the size of the window coverings and the size of your windows. You may need to get multiple smart blinds for one window if it is on the larger size. This is going to mean extra costs for your home.

Motorized blinds are custom-made. This does lead to some extra costs when getting them, but it also means that they’re made for your specific windows. If you’re going to move soon, they’re not the best options though.

Problems When It Comes to Blackouts or Power Problems

Something to think about is what happens when you have a blackout or power issues in the house. That will affect the ability of your window coverings to work. After all, they work based on the internet connection.

If you regularly have power issues or your internet connection isn’t stable, you’ll want to consider other window treatments in Stanwood. You’ll end up with a headache trying to get things to work when you don’t have the right connection. If you still want them, make sure there’s a backup system to get them to work without power.

There are certainly a lot of benefits to getting smart window treatments in Stanwood, but they’re not for everyone. Make sure they’re going to work for your needs.